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latest guest Announcement - David Tennant


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My god showmasters!! are you trying to make me broke and my other children think my eldest is our fave child?!!!!!!!, Please for the love of my purse don't get anyone else my eldest wants a shoot for!!!...oh go on then!!!!!


I love my mum and dad they brought me a shoot too!

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Can finally reply!!!


Saw his name announced. Ran straight to the online shop and got that photo.

Didn't care about price, or what day. NOTHING MATTERED.




And so sweet that Georgia is doing it with him.






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Well done Showmasters, you've officially got me ditching the last day of a weekend con in favour of EMS...

..I hope you're happy with yourselves :dance:


But OMFG :smile:

I can finally get a photo with David! I'm forever in your debt guys :clap:


*now busy worshipping at the altar of SM*

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