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No Longer able to make it!

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My friend is no longer able to come to ET6. She has already paid for her ticket and i just wondered whether, with a note of permission, i would be able to collect her autos and photos? Obviously she cant be in the photos but because she is a Silver she has already paid for them so would like to have the guests hold her Carlisle Bear teddy she had made. Would this be possible???

Any help is much appreciated (especially from someone who works for Showmasters/ME)


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I believe a scenario like this has happened before as I recall seeing a photo shoot of a guest just holding something in place of the attendee who could not make it. So it should be possible. I will get this confirmed.


A letter will be required, possibly with some form of your friends ID as well. It may well involve speaking to Too Tall on the day as well. No doubt he will confirm (or deny :D ) that.

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  • Showmasters Admin

Yes this is fine. The best thing to do is ask your friend to e-mail the shop (from the email address registered with the shop) and say they wish for you to pick them up.


Making sure the e-mail has the show, their order number etc and then your full name and order number.


Then went it comes to letter time Yvie will add a note to the show paper work that Person (you) with ticket X999 will be picking them up.


That's the easiest way :D

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