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Glasgow roads affected between 15 - 31 August

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Spotted via the BBC website







Didn't post this in the Glasgow Collectormania thread but was posting it here as I'm not sure what hotel you use for the show (whether you stay in Glasgow or Braehead) or how crew are travelling to and from the area.


As I'm not from the area, I don't know if any of the road closures listed during Brad Pitt's filming in Glasgow will affect anyone


"Road closures

The following streets around the City Chambers and George Square will be closed to motorists; Cochrane Street; South Frederick Street; Hanover Street; George Square (north side of the Square from North Hanover Street, east and south side); North Frederick Street (from George Square to Martha Street); George Street (from George Square to John Street); and North Hanover Street from the junction with George Square.


Motorists will get access to Queen Street Station for south and northbound traffic. North Hanover Street southbound traffic is closed from Queen Street Station onwards. Access northbound from George Square is unaffected except Sundays 21 and 28 August when George Square will be closed.


Pedestrian restrictions


Pedestrians will have access to all routes throughout filming although they may be asked to stop by security marshalls for a very short time when cameras are rolling.


Further details will be available at www.glasgow.gov.uk / www.glasgowfilm.com "

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Shouldn't affect the crew who are in the crew hotel.


Might be worth while posting in the CMG thread though just in case anyone was planning to pop into Glasgow for a night out.

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