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The Jessica Rabbit Appreciation thread 2011

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Hello, does anyone else agree that the girl who did the Jessica Rabbit cosplay was one of the best things about the whole weekend? For me she was a real highlight. She appeared last year also as Jessica Rabbit and was drop dead gorgeous and was back this year looking even more beautiful (something which I didn't think was possible!) in a fantastic new version of her costume.


Does anyone have any photos of this stunning woman they would like to share?


the best things about the convention for me personally: Christopher Llyod, Karen Gillian, Brent Spiner, Walter Koenig,Alex Kingston and Jessica Rabbit.

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Hiya ^^ that was me, and may i say thank you so much. Im so glad this years version was better, i know for a fact i did a lot better on the make up this time round. Some of my friends have posted their pictures up which i will share with you ^^





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Awww well i'll be dong a version 3 of this dress for next lfcc :) so please ask for a picture :D don't be shy i'll be more than happy to.


it is a wig, naturally i have very long light blonde hair lol


SO i'll def be doing jessica again next year :)

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i am a bit late in putting this but i have only just found this site ,well all i can say is me and a freind spent a good hour staring at the lovely jessica and took loads of pics of her to so if im a perv il live with that tag lol and will hopefully be perving again next year ,she looked fantastic ,i wont stick any pics on here of her without her permision but is she would like to see them im happy to share i did get some great shots and even got one with her

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