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Favourite guest?

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Well... I got autographs from 31 guests. But the top of them for me was.


Brent Spiner was AWESOME!! He was soooo nice! :)


Karen was lovely!


Nat Tena was so full of energy :)


Sophie Aldred, I stood there talking with her for a while. She lovely :)

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My Top 5


1.) The Amazing Karen Gillan absolutely sweet and adorable very polite, didn't ask for a single thing and was so polite never stopped smiling despite being the busiest guest with 800 Shoots, 1200 Autographs and A Talk Afterwards and I actually got the chance to chat with her. :angry:


2.) Alex Kingston the nicest person I've ever met very nice to every single fan and absolutely valued everyone she was with you couldn't ask for a better person.


3.) Simon Fisher-Becker an amazing chap and wonderful man never stopped enjoying himself no matter how many people said "OH MY GOD IT'S THE BLUE GUY".


4.) Too Tall :chair:


5.) Mark Shepherd...just for being an amazing actor.

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and everbody's favourite .... Too Tall :D :D



Yes, I saw TooTall around a few times, I did wonder if I should ask him for an autograph... ;)

I don't mind if people ask.


Just be aware if I'm moving quickly, it's probably because I'm going somewhere I need to be. But if you see me stationary or moving slowly, please feel free to ask :D


I managed to quickly say, "Hi Too Tall!"


Trying to remember when and where it was, but I said it nevertheless.


I saw Too Tall on Sunday. I hope he didn't think I was staring at him. I was just trying to figure whether it was him or not!

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