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I have seen the great guests that you have but there does not seem so many as other years .

Please could you tell us if any more are to be added .

As per the usual reply...guests will be announced when they have been signed to a contract to appear. Until then, no indication of potential guests is given, but Showmasters do try right up to the event to get guests.

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I think on occasions though the question has been answered for some of the smaller scale events so for this one its perhaps not an outrageous question to ask.

Nothing outrageous suggested Count, but rather wonderment of how many times I have seen the same question and the same answer. And this is on all events that it happens. Nothing bad, but it amazes me that the question is asked witht he hope of an answer. What happens if it falls through? Let me think...people moaning about potential guest A not signing. I could understand if someone was new to the forum as well.

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