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A thank you to the people that really make it happen for us all

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My first time crewing, and I loved every minute! Thank you to all the staff and other crew members for making me so welcome and helping me out so much, and thanks to all the attendee's who were so polite and nice when I was LeVar's ticket-er on Saturday, Nicole's casher on Sunday and in Photoshoot A on Monday. Everyone was so thankful and lovely, and I will definitely be crewing again in the future! <3



You were fab! Thanks for all your help Saturday :D


Awwww Rhi! Thank you for all your help on Saturday! AWESOME PITBOSS! :(


We allllll love Rhi!

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Its thanks to you, for giving us the chance to work with yourself and the amazing guests you have brought us over the years.


We learn from the best, and all want to carry that with us to each amazing show you give us.

^^ pretty much this :lol::D


Yeah this, thank YOU. :headscratch:



And as a crewing virgin, i thank you for the way that it all is put together so much more organised and fun than i thought it was going to be, i now have the bug and want to crew more ....... in the words of Joe from family guy ... BRING IT ONNNNNNNNNNN :D see you all at LFCC (thanks Andrew)

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