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There are many obscure guests that I'd like to meet but I doubt they'd garner much interest. So, some guests that ain't too big but many people might want to meet may be:


Paul Hogan (Crocodile Dundee! The number 1 guest I most want to meet!)

Linda Kozlowski (Paul Hogans co-star and wife)

Tony Todd

Dominic Monaghan

Warwick Davies

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Hi, would love to see Robert Englund, please try and get him to come over. I missed him earlier. I would also love to see the original Robocop Peter Weller, and Ralph Macchio (Daniel Larusso) the original karate kid. I would also think it would be awesome to get any of the jason voorhees actors from any of the movies.




Also i would love to see Bruce Campbell from the evil dead films.


Thanks, but please showmasters get Robert Englund, he would be a perfect guest for the event.

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These aren't all film guests but I figured I'd keep all my suggestions in one place. I've tried to go for people who are known for doing conventions, or who are realistic gets. I'm sure whoever Showmasters get, this will be an awesome convention!


Margot Kidder

Marc McClure (Jimmy Olsen from the Superman movies)

Ace Frehley and Peter Criss (KISS-both have done horror/comic cons in the US)

KK Downing (Judas Priest-just left the band, legendary guitarist who lives over here and may have some time on his hands now)

Billy Dee Williams

Kevin Conroy (the voice of Batman in The Animated Series, JLA and various games)

Annie Potts (Janine from Ghostbusters)

Road Warrior Animal (ex-WWF wrestler from the Legion of Doom, recently spoke on the Ministry of Slam radio show about how much he'd love to do a UK signing as his book is out soon. Sounded very receptive to coming over)

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hi all and thank you showmasters for adding another signing during the year.


i have a alot of sugeestions but i will only do a few at a time and i am grouping them in programs and films, etc-


the Hornblower movie feature programs:


Jamie Bamber (Midshipman/acting Lieutenant Archie Kennedy)

Ioan Gruffodd (Midshipman/ acting Lieutenant/ 3rd Lieutenant/Commander Horatio Hornblower)

Robert Lindsey (Captain/Commodore/Admiral Sir Edward Pellew)

Paul McGann (2nd Lieutenant William Bush)

Duncan Bell (Midshipman Clayton)

Cherie Longhi (Duchess of Wharfedale)



Legend of the Seeker:


Bridget Regan (Kaylan Amnell) Katrina Law (Mord Sith)

Bruce Spence (Zeddicus Zu'l Zorrander) Jon Brazier (Thaddicus)

Craig Horner (Richard Cypher/Rahl) Laura Brent (Dahlia Mord Sith)

Tabrett Bethell (Cara Mord sith) Paul Barett (Panis Rahl)

William Morgan Sheppard (voice of the Keeper) Ted Raimi (Sebastian)

Kevin J Wilson (General Egremont) Jolene Blalock (Sister Nicci)

Danielle Cormack (Shota) Jeffrey Thomas (George Cypher)

Jay Laga'aia (Chase) Jessica Chapnik Kahn (Anna)

Jessica Marais (Denna Mord Sith) Faye Smyth (Sister Merissa)

David dr Lautour (Michael Cypher) Benson Jack Anthony (Renn)

Alison Bruce (Sister Verna) Jordana Beatty (Rachel)

Rose McIver (Maid Alice) Brooke Williams (Jennsen)

Emily Foxler (Sister Nicci)


i realise some of these are the main cast members and characters but it does not hurt to dream and hope. LOL

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i know u said keep it 2 a low stantard for this event butttttt i was just wondering maybe Simon Pegg and Nick Frost and i know they have gone 2 the LFCC before if i remember correctly but but but i'd love 2 meet them i met them back then but i didnt have the money 2 get the autos so i had a chat :) i hope this come's true for one of the events doesn't have 2 be this event because i know ill deff be going 2 all of ur events cos personally screw the olympics :thumbup: lol

thanks again! :)

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Duncan Jones - Director of Moon and Source Code.


Keith David - Pitch Black, The Thing, Platoon and a whole load of voice work!


Roger Deakins - Academy award winning cinematographer. Best known for his work on the Coen brothers films.

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