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latest Guest Announcement - CAPTAIN RICHARD GORDON


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latest Guest Announcement CAPTAIN RICHARD GORDON


we are very much looking forward to seeing Dick again and he will be taking part in photo ops over the weekend .


As Navy Captain, received his wings as a naval aviator in 1953


During this tour of duty, he did flight test work on the F8U Crusader, F11F Tigercat, FJ Fury, and A4D Skyhawk,


He served with Fighter Squadron 121 at the Miramar, California, Naval Air Station as a flight instructor in the F4H and participated in the introduction of that aircraft to the Atlantic and Pacific fleets


Winner of the Bendix Trophy Race from Los Angeles to New York in May 1961, he established a new speed record of 869.74 miles per hour and a transcontinental speed record of 2 hours and 47 minutes.


He has logged more that 4,500 hours flying time--3,500 hours in jet aircraft.


NASA EXPERIENCE: Captain Gordon was one of the third group of astronauts named by NASA in October 1963. He served as backup pilot for the Gemini 8 flight.


On September 12, 1966, he served as pilot for the 3-day Gemini XI mission--on which rendezvous with an Agena was achieved in less than one orbit. He executed docking maneuvers with the previously launched Agena and performed two periods of extravehicular activity


Gordon was backup command pilot for Apollo 9.


He occupied the command module pilot seat on Apollo 12, November 14-24, 1969.


Throughout the 31-hour lunar surface stay by Conrad and Bean, Gordon remained in lunar orbit aboard the command module, "Yankee Clipper," obtaining desired mapping photographs of tentative landing sites for future missions. He also performed the final re-docking maneuvers following the successful lunar orbit


The Apollo 12 mission lasted 244 hours and 36 minutes and was concluded with a Pacific spashdown and subsequent recovery operations by the USS HORNET


Captain Gordon has completed two space flights, logging a total of 315 hours and 53 minutes in space--2 hours and 44 minutes of which were spent in EVA.


He served as backup spacecraft commander for Apollo 15.






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Hmm, one of the infamous Playboy Missions.. :( Just got to find out which cfold was in his wristband thingy..



It was DeDe Lind who was Playboy Playmate in 1967



I have asked on numerous occasions if we could have the Playboy girls who had there pics on Apollo 12, it would be brillent if you got Al Bean and the girls now you have Richard Gordon...


Best wishes all


von Dawson's Express

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we have been asked today to stop promoting Captain Dick Gordon as a guest .


we had an agreement for him to attend this event but he has asked us kindly if we could take his name down form our site , which is what we are doing , we will have more information on this in around two weeks when we will bring you all up to speed on this matter and his availability to attend an Autographica


as you all know we only ever promote a guest if they have agreed to attend an event ,and this is the case here but some issues have come up that was unexpected on both our parts and this is the out come .


Captain Dick Gordon is very much looking forward to meeting you all in the future as he has not been to an Autographica of around 5 years and remembers them with fond memories .


anyone that has bought tickets for this event off the back of Captain Gordon attending please just give us the two weeks we have asked for and we will let you all know what Autographica he is attending .


thank you all for your understanding on this matter .





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