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Hilton Rooms?


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Ooh, ta for that Eleanor!


Question though, sorry if it's been asked before - that's showing links for a single guestroom, queen deluxe or twin deluxe, but does anyone know if they do standard twin rooms at the con rate? We ended up in a twin deluxe at ET5 because that's all we could get, but a non-deluxe would be massively preferable. I know it's always a pretty random selection at any one time, but I'd like to know whether to hold out for a standard or give up and book a posh one.

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Been trying for the last couple of days to book a twin room but keep getting told none are availiable under the code anymore so then tried for a double...not the best option but will be sharing with my sis so its not the end of the world but again, none availiable. All of our attempted booking has been done via phone and just keep getting told that only single's are left :D


Any idea as to if and when more rooms will be released? coz we bought our ET6 tickets at ET5 and really just wanna get our room sorted too, hate not having everything done & ready to go.


If no more rooms are to be released, have no idea where else to stay around there :whistling:

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For some reason that we haven't been able to figure out yet the Hilton always releases the rooms in batches.

It's been like that pretty much ever since the first event.


I've sent an e-mail to the office asking them to contact the Hilton and get more rooms released.



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