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torchwood s4

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I have to admit, I hope it's not the 1st July! Before the airdate was announced, I was so excited for the new season, all ready to have a Torchwood party and convince all my not-particularly-interested friends to come and celebrate! Then they announced the 1st, which happens to be.... MY WEDDING DAY. So, to be fair, my friends will be there, they just won't be celebrating TW. So I kind of hope it's 22nd July when I'm back from honeymoon! :YAHOO:


On another note... Miracle Day?! The everyone's immortal storyline sounds quite cool, but when I first saw it mentioned on another site I honestly thought it was a joke from an annoyed Ianto/Tosh/Owen fan who didn't believe RTD could keep himself from killing everyone off!


At least it seems we're reasonably sure most of the characters will be around til the end of the season!

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