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Hugo Myatt and the rest of the "Knightmare" cast.

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It's about time that Hugo Myatt (see below) made an appearance at a UK Collectormania event in 2011, to a generation of viewers (me included) he's regarded as a legend. He will be forever linked with the role of Treguard of Dunshelm in the classic CITV adventure gameshow Knightmare.


In recent years, he has gained a legendary status amongst gamers and Sci-Fi fans too, thanks to his voice-over work on various Big Finish audio drama's for "Doctor Who" and character's such as The Guildmaster in "Fable" and games like "Black and White".




What's more in 2012, Knightmare will be celebrating it's 25th anniversary and what better way to celebrate it than by reuniting some of the cast and crew along with Hugo such as (e.g);


David Learner who played the wood elf Pickle and also Marvin the Paranoid Android in "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy".



Jackie Sawiris who played the arabian genie Majida.



Mark Knight who played everyone's favourite gloater Lord Fear, the brainless Sir Hugh de Witless, the chinaman Ah Wok and Rothberry.



Clifford Barry who played the tuna-breathed Lissard, the villainous Raptor and Brother Strange who was......rather strange.



Michael Cule who played the merry Brother Strange, the oafish Fatilla and the deep voiced Gatemaster. He was also a Vogon in "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy".



and Tim Child who produced and created the show.


I know there's a lot of Knightmare fans on here and some of you have already suggested Hugo before. But I've decided to suggest it again for the reasons I stated above.


I look forward to reading your replies on this.

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