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DDD -Drop Dead Diva

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This is possible one of the best shows on at the moment IMO


Taken from DDD Wiki page

The series revolves around vapid blonde and aspiring model, Debbie (Deb) Dobkins (played by Brooke D'Orsay in the pilot and in flashbacks), who is killed in a car crash. As her soul enters the gates of Heaven, she finds herself declared a self-centered "zero" (meaning she has performed zero good deeds and zero bad deeds during her time on earth; she is simply shallow) by the gatekeeper, Fred. After not liking what she hears, she presses for a return to her former body, hoping to get back to Earth. Deb gets her wish, only to be brought back to life in the body of a recently deceased, intelligent, overweight lawyer named Jane Bingum.

Initially horrified, Deb “ in her new human form “ discovers the meaning of inner beauty as she finds the ability to juggle legal cases, aided by her assistant Terri, while attempting to reconnect incognito with her still-grieving boyfriend, Grayson Kent, who just started working at Jane's law firm. At the same time, Deb begins to rediscover her past while learning more about her inherited body's current life, and how Jane was treated when she was alive. In addition to Fred (who was demoted to guardian angel and had been assigned to watch over her at the law firm), only Deb's long-time mortal friend Stacy knows Jane's true identity.


At the moment it airs at 8pm, Thursdays on Living


Its on the second season, and pretty sure its over half way through. Was just interested if anyone out there likes this show as much as my hubby and I or in fact if anyone out there other then us actually watches it?








LLAP :borg:

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Yes, been watching from the start , reminds me a bit of two of my other favourite legal based quirky shows, Ally McBeal and Boston Legal , all be it with a slightly different twist in DDD.


The guy that played Jane's boyfriend , actor David Denman was also in the American Office and played the role of "Skip" I think in Angel many years ago.


One of my shows on series link at the moment for sure.

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Nice to see there is at least one other fan out there..


Terry and Fred are the best aren't they, and Stacey just cracks me up she is so ditzy. (Never watched the officer or Angel but my sister did)


The only other Law show that I really like is Ed, if you have not seen it yet, its being r-run on channel 149 at 2 and 5 pm, during the week. Never saw it when it first came out but glad I'm watching it now.


Its about a guy who's wife sleeps with the mailman (I think) then he makes a mistake at work and gets fired, then ends up going back to the town he grew up in, buying the bowling alley and running it with three quirky people, while still being a lawyer to some of the towns folk.


Think it only ran for 4 seasons :D but its great, really feel for some of the characters, just like DDD..









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