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The Vampire Diaries - Season Two (Discussion Spoilers)

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Season Two will be back on our UK screens in a few weeks


Channel - ITV 2


Day & Time - Tuesday 5th October (Time not given, guess 9pm)





Katherine is back people!

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So Kathrine is back!!


She's made it perfectly clear she is back for Stefan which of course crushed Damon, he then made more stupid moves toward Elena, more rejection ensued = Damon kills Jeremy!


But it's ok Jeremy now has uncle John's ring so he makes a come back.


Only thing I don't like about this is it appears to be a kind of reset. By the end of the first season both brothers and Elena seem to all be getting along for the most part. Well we couldn't have that so now with that one action we've had a reset to the same attitudes we had at the beginning of season one with them hating Damon.


I'm interested to see if Katherine is truly back for Stefan or not and Nina who plays both Katherine and Elena is doing a good job, the scenes where she switches between characters right there and then is great.

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