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I'm deciding for us all!!! Mwwwhhha!


Hands-up if you wanna join in!



Friday - Doctors and Nurses (lets face it with all the halloween costumes you gotta be able to find something at this short notice)


Sat - The Bad Guys Party (System Lords, Bounty Hunters, Wraith, Evil Carter!, etc)


Sunday - Chill on the Destiny



What does everyone think?!?! (Here's hoping SM/ME will let's know soon :) )

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I'd do that.


I've been trying to finish off my Wraith Queen outfit for Sat Night so whatever the theme I'll no doubt wear it. I don't think it'll be quite finished but I'll bring it anyway.


I'm gonna do either my Atlantis or SGU uniform during the Sat/Sun days. I think I might do SGU on the Sat so it's in my photoshoots.


As for Friday night I've almost finished my Midway Station outfit so may wear that just to be comfy

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SG1 on Saturday and my just finished Town Called Eureka Sheriff's costume on the Sunday. :D


Oh wow! Crossover! Awesome :WAVE:



Thanks. Got told off Colin himself it looked good last weekend!


yaaay for eureka!!!


Hell yeah Eureka is awesome I LOVE the show.

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Have to say I'm having the same problem... Wrap party doesn't suggest anything other than normal clothes to me... Got something sorted for the Las Vegas Casino night at least :)


Yeah, either normal clothes or really dressy. I ummed and ahhed over a Wormhole X-Treme t-shirt, but you'd GET the crew shirt around that point, you wouldn't WEAR it !

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