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What did you think of the event?


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I had a great time at the event and I hope you all did too. Below is a message that Derek wanted me to pass on:


Thank you for all that came to Bad Wolf.


Sorry we could not screen Doctor Who on the big screen as we did last year, but sadly had a last minute problem.


The schedule was a little different, we tried to make it possible this time round for the attendees to attend both all the talks and still get all there autographs, a more relaxed approach to the schedule.


I will welcome your input and will look at what change we can keep in for next year’s show and what’s best not trying again.


Thank you again for your support.



Kind regards,


Derek Hambly,

10th Planet Events

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I had a great time at this event. I only decided two weeks ago that I wanted to do it, but am really glad I did.


Not only did I meet some amazing guests from Who past and some amazing guests from Who present, I just had a real blast with other attendees.


And the best bit of all, was Sylvester rocking out to AC/DC with us all on the dancefloor on Saturday evening - playing air guitar with his stick.


The only downside for me which has already been mentioned is the amount of pictures in our registration pack. Maybe (again, as already been said) it's a 10th Planet thing not to include these and as a lot of us are used to Showmaster events where we get one of each guest, it probably came as a bit of a surprise to only have 2 pictures.


Looking forward to seeing what you guys are going to do next year!

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i enjoyed the weekend, to the crazy guys in the queue who thought i was mad cos i was gutted when phil ford cancelled and a big :lol: when he turned up on sunday!

i thought arthur was lush and had a great laugh with ruari mears (MAKEM LOL) and andrew hayden smith (fellow geordie) they were 2 great guests

looking forward to next one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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In this post: Doctor Who Series 5 Finale Spoilers

I just want to say a big thanks to Showmasters, Massive Events and 10th Planet Events once again. Tonight's episode of Doctor Who was absolutely amazing, it was probably the biggest finale yet and I loved it. It was great meeting Arthur Darvill and Ian McNeice last week and then seeing them both back on our screens again this week, especially Arthur who played such a large part as Rory in the story. I'm so glad I went to Bad Wolf, bring on next week's episode. :thumbup:

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