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SURPRISE GUEST to be Announced at the Show

Massive Events

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I reckon it is EITHER


a smallish guest (one SM/10thp don't envisage bringing in a huge number of attendees on their own) and the 'surprise/guessing game' element is just to add a bit of extra fun and intrigue to the proceedings




a rather bigger guest who requested it in their contract and SM/10thp had the option of either not getting the guest at all, or keeping them a secret.



Well grouped with Nick and Ruari for photos so I doubt its a Doctor/companion.

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Yeah I bet it is lol Bit of a give-away there ME lol



Saying that though, and even though I've heard he's awesome, if it is him I'll be a bit dissapointed. Was going to meet him at LFCC anyway.


Saves me money for LFCC it is him I suppose.

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there is another guy who plays monsters! Alan Ruscoe! - met him at a signing in manchester hes alot of fun :P

I was there too, I'll guess Alan Ruscoe in this post like you. :P

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Yup fab cafe :P

Awesome, he was really nice, I've been to all of the Fab Cafes and had a great time. Really looking forward to Bad Wolf now this weekend, I'm going to guess Ian Hilditch this time too. :P

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