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Bowling Night/Party/Forum Shinnaigans


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hey guys just wondering if anybody is planning any kind of get together at collectormania one of the evenings?


as ive been off this forum for a long time i thought it would be nice to TRY and catch up with everyone and see how life has treated you all.


i'd really like to see you all again, so if there's anything going on let me know.


got lots of news to share :smile:

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I remember you. :borg: How have you been?


I'm afraid the bowling hasn't happened in quite a while. If something happened it was smaller groups of friends going. Some events did have an official party Saturday night (a ticketed event), but we haven't heard yet if this will happen at this show.

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heh nice to know i am not completely forgotten here :dance:


thanks to Tallie for liking my name!


I also miss the bowling night, it was HobbitofDorsetshire who used to organize it :) but i think it just got either to complex or something and it stopped happening.


well i am up for a few drinks at the city somewhere in the evening


with the free coaches from Cmania it shouldnt be too much out the way


we could go to a wetherspoons and gossip about old times

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Well, we could just say


We'll meet at _______ on eg Fri night at _____pm and see how many people turn up?


Nothing more needs organising really, except maybe a couple of banners incase people don't know what a group of con-goers look like...


(I have no idea where to meet- we could go to the bowling place and if no-one wants to bowl, just have a couple of drinks there? P.S. Where is the bowling alley? in Xscape?)


and ask one of the mods maybe to pin the topic?

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