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Absolute Night

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So I've written a vampire novel and I'm currently editing it and have to rewrite the end and chapter 13, blablabla. It's set in Devon where I used to live and go to school so it's kind of personal to me too. Write about what you know and all that. I'm a vampire fan, yay twilight, but I know this isn't strictly fan fiction because it's all original work by me. I should warn anyone who wants to copy anything from here I've done the whole copyrighting thing for unpublished work and everything is dated such as the post here and copies I've sent to myself and left unopened of the manuscript.


ANYWAY! It's only the first chapter, I'm just really interested to know if you guys like it (no grammatical corrections please cus I have editors and proofreaders I can get in touch with for that, and that's all part of my editing process) I'd just like to know what people think of the setting, characters in general, ideas of what they think might be about to happen next and more importantly if you like it and would like to keep reading! Let me know and enjoy! =D











Chapter One

Tuesday 2nd September

23 Days To Go








“What did I do to deserve a detention?â€


“You broke his nose, Ash.â€


I turned my head on the desk to glare at Roxy. As my best friend there was an unwritten rule that she had to be on my side regardless of the circumstance. In this case she should have been vehemently agreeing that I had been handed an unjust punishment. Instead she sat rolling a pencil into her wild strawberry curls and biting down on her glossed lip to prevent giggling at my expense. A lump on my head and a detention slip for Friday tucked into my contact book were hardly the best start to the new school year. At least we were in Art class and I didn't have to see most of the people who had witnessed my humiliation in Biology.


“Year elevens,†Miss Williams burst through the door with both arms up in the air with her usual theatrical manner. Her face had already been splattered with paint and a broad bristled brush sat tucked behind her ear, “It's the beginning of the end and I want you to leave here with at least a passing grade,†the faith she had in our abilities left a lot to be desired, “Your first module for the year is life studies. The human form in all it's glory. And you can stop your giggling right now Miss Sanderson, that doesn't mean I'm going to have nude models in here for you to look at.â€


While the boys in the class looked relieved a few of the girls exchanged disappointed groans. Our teacher was obviously aware of the fact a naked man would distract from rather than aid us in our studies. The heavy wooden door banged open again and the autumn breeze whipped around the room to briefly chill us. Miss Williams dropped her arms ready to give a warning to whoever had dared enter the room late. However her gaze softened upon the boy making his way into the class slowly. The whispering resumed between a group of girls gathered around the large block of tables in the corner at the arrival of the stranger. Most of us had been together since our first year at the school so it was strange to have a new student in our final year.


“You must be Elias,†her tone was motherly and she brought an arm around the boy's back to guide him into the room. It was ridiculous to see her dote on him. He had to be at least six feet tall already and dwarfed Miss Williams at her tiny four feet and eleven inches. It was impossible to tell the colour of the boy’s eyes as they were hidden beneath a mop of dark hair. His hands had been pushed deep into the pockets of his black combat trousers which barely passed as being in uniform and his white shirt hadn't been tucked in so it hung from his lean physique. The top buttons were unfastened to show a large silver crucifix while his school tie had been stuffed untidily into his chest pocket. Despite the fact I couldn't see them, I was certain his eyes were darting to the faces of each student in the room, lingering on some and skirting past others. Miss Williams patted his back gently, “Don't be nervous, my love,†he looked more bored than nervous, “There's an empty seat on the other side of Miss Stevens,†I sat upright and glared at our teacher. I didn't want some new kid who probably didn't even know how to hold a paintbrush sat in my spare seat. This was the table I shared with Roxy anyway, she was my art partner.


“Evil Eli,†I heard one of the boys chuckle under his breath while Elias weaved through the tables to reach us. He stepped over the feet of our classmates easily as they tried to trip him up on his way past. When he reached our table his eyes settled on the large bag occupying his new seat. I had no intention of moving it for him and hoped he'd get the message to go and sit elsewhere. Unfortunately he took the plastic chair in both hands and tipped it forwards. My satchel hit the floor with a loud thud and sent my pencil case rolling under the desk. Elias slumped into the vacant chair and stretched out his long legs beneath the table. I was ready to drop down to hunt for my lost pencil case when I saw it come rolling back across the floor, stopping when it hit my foot. Elias slouched back, casting me a lopsided smile. At least his long legs were good for something. Mine would never have reached to drag the pencil case back from so far away.


“Ashley,†Miss Williams called across the classroom as she began distributing the paints to avoid a scrum for the cupboards, “I'd like you to partner with Elias for this module. Miss Harris can work with Mr Jacobs,†she pointed to a large greasy haired boy sat alone at another desk. He waved a shovel like hand at Roxy who mocked vomiting into her designer handbag.


“But Miss,†I protested desperately, “Roxy and I always work together!â€


“And no artist can grow unless they learn that variety is the spice of life. Move, Miss Harris, or you'll be back here during your lunch hour for detention!â€


“I hope bad hygiene isn't contagious,†Roxy hissed at me like the whole thing was my fault. She narrowly missed hitting me in the face with her bag when she swung it up onto her shoulder and sauntered away with an exaggerated wiggle to her hips. I knew she'd only enrolled in the course because I was taking it, I doubted she'd get a passing grade while working with Tyler. I mouthed the word 'Sorry' to her but she turned her back on me and stamped her foot childishly. I'd need to buy her an extra dessert at lunch to convince her to speak to me again.


“Do you have a pencil sharpener I can borrow?†a sickly sweet voice asked from across the desk. Laura Nolan smiled down at me while Miss Williams remained in earshot and slowly turned her HB pencil in the novelty sharpener I'd passed her. I watched her as she followed our teacher with her baby blue eyes, “Nice job in Biology Dorkley,†she sneered when she felt it was safe, “How did you get out of that with just one detention? I'd have had you expelled.â€


“Go back to your clones Barbie,†I snapped back and snatched the sharpener from her manicured fingers, “They might start thinking for themselves in your absence.â€


The moment she'd turned on her five inch heels and stormed away I began to wish I'd argued with her a little longer. The silence she left behind was strained and for some reason I couldn't bring myself to face Elias.


“So that was you?†he broke the ice first and smirked at me, “I heard the teacher scream from Chemistry. Why did you do it?â€


“I didn't do it on purpose,†I growled while I flushed in humiliation. The rumour would soon spread around the school and exaggerate beyond the realms of reality. It wouldn't surprise me if by the end of the day people were saying I'd thrown a desk at my teacher. I brought a hand up through my auburn hair out of nervous habit, “I fell asleep,†my cheeks burnt under his gaze, “It's his voice, everyone struggles to stay awake in that stupid class. He slammed a textbook on my desk and woke me up,†I rubbed the top of my head gingerly while remembering the incident; “He was just stood too close and smack! A massive bump on my head, a broken nose and a detention.â€


“Sounds like your fault for falling asleep in the first place,†Elias mused.


I glared but was unable to think of a witty retort for him. He was totally right, I'd been more than lucky to only get a detention. Perhaps it had been because the pain of a broken nose had left Mr Mallory so dazed he'd not been able to think of a more appropriate punishment for me. He'd been looking a little out of it as he'd scrawled onto the detention slip at my desk. I shook my head and pulled the blank board I'd been distributed closer, “Whatever,†I busied myself with rummaging in my pencil case so I didn't have to make eye contact, “Sit still so I can draw you.â€


“Who says you should get to do the drawing first?â€


“I do,†I snapped at him, “And get your hair off your face so I can do it properly or the examiners will think I was avoiding putting in details.â€


The fact he wore his hair over his eyes suggested to me that he wasn't especially attractive. I knew it was something of a trend at the moment, even I had my hair on a side parting, but it worked well for hiding large patches of acne or a broad forehead. He pushed his fingers up through his dark tresses so they lay back against his head. A few of the shorter strands disobediently dropped back over his face but the change was quite astonishing. His face was pale and blemish free, I thought his nose was a little long but other than the one flaw I felt like I was looking at a model. It was his eyes which held the most captivating power over me. They were dark blue around the pupil and became lighter towards the edge of the iris. Apparently I wasn't the only one who had been pleasantly surprised by his good looks. Laura's luminous orange tanned friends began to point in our direction and whisper amongst themselves. It was tempting to tell Elias to put his hair back the way it had been to avoid the attention.


“Get on with it then,†he propped his chin up on his palm, his elbow on top of his own drawing board, “I have to get your mug sketched out too.â€


Good looks didn't always mean an attractive personality. As the minutes ticked by the chatter in the room was replaced by the sound of pencils scratching against the numerous drawing boards. I avoided looking into my partners face as much as was possible, attempting to work mostly from memory. It was only an initial sketch but I couldn't help becoming frustrated with myself as the charcoal lines smudged over the side of my hand and left filthy marks over my picture. Drawing people had never been my strong point, particularly when it came to men. Perhaps because I was so used to drawing Roxy I felt more comfortable with working with women. The lines of a male face were more angular; Elias especially had a far more chiselled look to him.


“You kept sticking your tongue through your teeth,†he commented after we'd passed the half hour point and had to switch places. Instinctively my hand shot up to cover my mouth and I felt the same heat of embarrassment prickling my cheeks like tiny needles. Elias simply chuckled and snatched away the pencil I'd been using, “Move your hand and sit still, would you?â€


I brought my arms around my middle and sat back in the chair. It was only while trying to remain still that I realised just how uncomfortable the rigid plastic seat actually was. I couldn't help fidgeting to prevent pins and needles in my legs. I received a hard glare from my art partner each time I shifted and he had to adjust his sketch. At one point he snapped, “Would you stay in one place before this looks like a bloody Picasso?†before dropping his head back down and scratching the pencil to adjust the line he'd just so delicately drawn. Every time he looked up I felt a chill down my spine, his hair had fallen back over his face now but still I could sense those intense eyes taking in every detail of my face and torso. It was just a drawing but I felt like I was being inspected by him and it made my skin tingle in a way I wasn't used to.


When the shrill alarm bell rang in the corridor outside I practically leapt from my seat. I'd never been so happy to leave the cluttered art classroom in my life and stuffed my things back into my bag desperately. Roxy hadn't moved from her seat and from my desk I could see there wasn't anything on her own board. Whether it was in protest of the new arrangements or because she had no interest I couldn't be sure, I just knew there would be a tantrum when we made it to our form classroom for first break. I pulled my bag back up onto my shoulder and felt Elias place his hand on my arm, “It's not bad,†he said, “Your drawing,†he added when he saw the confusion on my face.


“Thanks,†maybe his personality wasn't all bad. I dismissed him with a wave of my hand and stumbled through the abandoned chairs to reach Roxy. She pursed her lips in a childish pout and folded her arm across her chest, “Tyler draws like a three year old,†she told me without lowering her voice. As much as I disliked the boy I didn't enjoy seeing the hurt look on his face when he'd clearly tried his best. On the other hand Roxy did have a point; the drawing did have a certain play school charm. I glanced back over my shoulder and waited until Elias had left the room before I dared return to take a look at his drawing, “Typical,†Roxy rolled her eyes from over my shoulder, “Yours is good looking and he can actually draw,†she turned and whipped me in the face with her hair, “Hurry up. I don't want to waste break in this stinking class.â€


As it happened we spent our short break trekking from the upper school buildings down to lower school. Whoever had thought of building a school on a hill needed to be found and slapped very hard in my personal opinion. The upper school buildings held the majority of our lessons but when it came to Mathematics and Modern Languages we found ourselves swept up in a tide of students all trying to push their way down the narrow concrete stairs to make it on time for the next class in the lower school. It was so easy to slip back into the old school routine after six weeks of blissful holiday. The rumour of Mr Mallory's broken nose had spread through the school like wildfire. By the time the final bell came I heard tale that he'd been accosted by an irate ex student and beaten with a metal bar. Fortunately this took all focus from me and the far more humiliating truth.


I had to make a break from the classroom without saying goodbye to Roxy at the end of the day. While she lived in Teignmouth and could walk to school I had to take the train back to the quiet haven known as Starcross. The train company hadn't taken into account by setting the departure time of our train at nine minutes after the final school bell they'd cause a daily stampede of teenagers all desperate to make it before the doors closed. I was at the back of the group today and my new shoes rubbed my heels painfully while I sprinted down the steep hill and around through the building yard at the rear of the train station. I arrived in time to hear the warning alarm of the doors as they prepared to close and made a last ditch attempt to leap through them. Certain I wasn't going to make it I prepared to stop myself before I ran head first into the side of the train. From the mass of students gathered at the door a bag appeared and blocked them from closing. I saw my chance and squeezed through the gap. I couldn't help a triumphant laugh at my good fortune as we pulled away from the platform and a few stragglers were left behind to wait for the next train home.


“You seem pretty pleased with yourself,†Elias spoke so close to my ear I squealed and launched myself at the doors in surprise. A year nine glared at me for knocking into him before turning back to his friends and discussing a recent football match. I turned back to look at my drawing companion and saw him holding up his backpack, “Didn't want to leave you all alone on the platform,†he explained, “The sweating is really attractive by the way.â€


As we passed through a tunnel I checked my reflection in the small dark window on the door. My hair clung to my face where sweat had begun to trickle over my fair skin. The liquid eye-liner I'd applied so liberally throughout the day had melted down to form dark bags beneath my brown eyes. I wiped the sleeve of my jacket swiftly over my face and removed what I could of the thick black smudges with my fingertips. Oh well, it wasn't like I'd spent the whole day looking so untidy. I dropped my head so that my hair curtained my face, “Shove off,†I growled to Elias while wrapping my arms around my middle self consciously. It proved to be something of a mistake as the train took a corner and sent me tumbling back into him. He was faster than me thank goodness and wrapped me up in his arms to keep me steady. Wolf whistles ensued from nearby students who'd seen his gallant act and I pulled away sharply, “Thanks,†I grumbled and recoiled against the doors again.


I had to flatten myself against the glass carriage divide as we pulled into the first station. Mine was the third stop and quite a long way to go for school. T.C.C. was one of the better Community Colleges in the area and worth the journey. The other passengers jostled me as they pushed to make it off the train first and I found myself gripping the metal rail to keep from being swept out with them. I couldn't see Elias through the swarm of people and assumed he'd vacated the train with the majority of the other passengers. I edged my way further into the carriage until I could slip into a vacant seat, my bag resting on my lap and my forehead pressed against the cool glass window. I jumped a mile when I turned my head and saw him settling into the seat beside me, “Are you freaking stalking me or something?†I demanded of him and shoved his shoulder, “No one goes further than Dawlish. Get off the train already.â€


“I live in Starcross,†he retorted over the door alarm as they rattled closed.


“No you don't.â€


“Yeah I do. So do you, right?â€


I hadn't seen Elias on the station platform in the morning and he was certainly the kind of guy who drew attention. Saying that, this morning I'd had my phone glued to my ear deep in conversation with Roxy. It had been a discussion of the utmost urgency and importance, therefore requiring my absolute devotion and concentration. We had resolved that red should never be worn with pink no matter what the occasion. I busied myself fiddling with the plastic catch on my bag and shrugged my shoulders lightly, “Well hardly anyone else does,†I muttered under my breath, “Which road are you on then?â€


“Parkers Road,†he told me with that same lop sided smile I'd seen in class, “Do you know it?â€


A chill ran down my spine. It was either a horrific coincidence or Elias was actually stalking me. I could accept his being in the same class as me. Living in the same village was odd but not unbelievable. The fact he lived on the same street as me reached whole new levels of weird. I nodded simply but didn't reply, there were two roads which could be taken to get home and I intended to take whichever he wasn't. At least this way he might not notice we were in fact neighbours. I turned my gaze back to the window to watch the houses and country lanes fly by. We stopped briefly at Dawlish Warren where only a couple of people departed the carriage. It was only a worthwhile stop in my opinion during the tourist season. In early September it was far too cold to indulge in trips to the beach.


“You're not going to fall over again are you?†he asked as the train passed by the old Brunel building beside the estuary. We slowed and I gripped the backs of seats on my way to the doors at which a few chattering year sevens stood. I was sure I'd never been that tall when I'd first started at the school, they got bigger every year.


Starcross was always a sudden stop and I braced myself as the brakes screeched and the train tilted away from the platform. It was Elias who stumbled at the unexpected new angle of the carriage and I couldn't help but to smirk at him while he swiftly regained his composure, “Watch your step,†I laughed and jumped down onto the platform. I'd lost count of the amount of people I'd heard complain about this particular platform. There was quite a sizeable gap between the doors and the ground after all.


Although a pedestrian crossing had been recently constructed across the main road a number of impatient students still dodged the oncoming cars to make it home just a few seconds faster than their friends. Given I'd been present at the event which alerted the county council to the need of a crossing I was happy enough to wait for the traffic to stop before I crossed. Elias dropped his arm around my shoulders and leaned what felt like his entire weight onto me. My hand shot out to grasp the traffic light pole before my knees had a chance to buckle beneath me entirely, “I suppose you'll want me to walk you home?†he asked with a dramatic sigh and brought his free hand up through his hair, “It must be killing you trying to resist my charm.â€


“The only thing killing me is the urge to throw up on you,†the words erupted as more of a snarl than I'd intended. My own strength surprised me as I forced his unwelcome arm from my shoulder and twisted it around his back. Elias didn't look in the least concerned by my anger; the smile lingering on his lips suggested he was rather enjoying it. I glared as hard as I could and crossed my arms across my chest, “It's bad enough having to see you in school,†I added haughtily, “I don't want to put up with you in my spare time too.â€


It was rare I would take such an instant dislike to anyone, especially a boy who was reasonably attractive. Or at least I thought so. Even Laura had been given the benefit of the doubt until I got to know her better and I felt my hatred of her was justified. There was something about Elias that put me on my guard. He was so confident of himself. Arrogant and egotistical in all the worst ways. And yet he seemed capable of acts of gallantry; telling me he liked my drawing and steadying me on the train. Even as I stepped off the pavement at the changing of the lights. An arm wrapped around my middle and he pulled me back as a glimmering Porsche flew past without a care as to the children it had nearly run down. Once again thanks were in order but I couldn't bring myself to say the word as I met his gaze. Heat flushed my face and I could only mumble, “You can walk me to the park,†to appease him.


It took two steps for me to keep up with each of his graceful strides as we walked down the narrow street past the vandalised telephone box to the park. The sky was overcast with thick grey clouds and I could hear the buzz of electricity as the street lamps flickered reluctantly into life. I had no concern regarding traffic on this street and walked in silence beside Elias down the middle of the road. It was a quiet back street; the village itself was almost entirely residential with the exception of the few shops and pubs on the main road. The laughter of young children drifted on the cool breeze from the playground ahead and I heard the clang of a metal gate being locked by a member of the bowls club. It was peaceful to the point of becoming boring living in the village, nothing ever seemed to happen.


“This is the park,†I placed my hand on the low gate. The black paint had almost completely peeled away and the bubbling rust beneath my fingers tinted my skin a light orange colour. I waited for Elias to take the more commonly used path past the retirement bungalows and housing estates but he lingered beside me. After a minute of full silence I turned on my heel and pushed the gate open, “See you next class,†I made sure to close the latch on the gate behind me as a silent message for him not to follow. He uttered no goodbye; he stayed rooted to the spot in fact. I was sure I could feel his eyes on my back as I walked the side path past the old yellow roundabout and creaking swings. As he had been so determined to walk me home I found it strange he didn’t want to talk to me some more. It was too much of a hassle to try and fathom the workings of his mind. Elias was one of those people I’d prefer not to understand.


“I'm home,†I called out into the small three bedroom house as I pushed the door closed behind me. I'd made it back without bumping into Elias again which made me feel kind of disappointed rather than pleased. I locked the door and pulled the chain across out of habit, closing the long curtain across it to block out the view of the hall from the outside world. The double doors to the living room were closed as I'd left them. They shuddered back and forth as a certain someone scratched at the other side. After kicking off my shoes I pushed them open and dove down but he was too fast. The black cat shot past my open arms and bolted halfway up the stairs before chancing a glance back down at me. Satisfied I wasn't fast enough to chase him all the way up to the next floor he stuck his tail in the air and trotted up to the landing, vanishing around the corner. No doubt I would find him curled up on my bed in a few hours.


“Cat's been trying to get upstairs,†a voice informed me from the kitchen far too late. I didn't see the point in closing the door behind me again and dropped into the large sofa opposite the fireplace. The heating hadn't been turned on yet but the room still had a warm feel to it. It was homely, comfortable, and clearly not decorated by a professional. The mustard yellow paint didn't match the long bottle green curtains which varied in length by a few inches. The fireplace had been sponged in the same colour as the walls, the patches were so thick and blotchy they didn't achieve the artistic impression the decorator had been trying to leave. Said decorator was my uncle Jackson who peered around the large brown door amidst a cloud of smoke, “Dinner's nearly ready.â€


"I think dinner might have been cremated," I had to shout over the scream of the fire alarm beside the door. Jackson winced at the sound while I pulled over one of the rickety dining room chairs and removed the battery to bring a halt to the noise, "What exactly were you trying to make?"




"Got that right," I shook my head at the sight of the lump of charcoal which had once been a plump and delicious chicken. The smell was enough to start my eyes streaming and make what was left of my make up run again. I set about opening all the windows and doors into the back garden while Jackson retreated to the living room to call for a pizza to deliver. I loved that he tried to cook after he'd been out working all day too but there really wasn't any need. I was more than capable of making us both something to eat when I got in from school. I supposed it was one of those things where he wanted us to feel like a real family.


One large cheese pizza later I had settled comfortably in one of the armchairs in front of the television. I had to sit sideways to get a clear view and left my legs dangling over the left arm rest of the chair. Ghost had returned from his venture to the land of soft bed covers and curled up on my full stomach. He busied himself with a bath, missing occasionally and licking my arm instead. Jackson had spread himself out on the sofa with a variety of folders open around him. I'd rather him than me, the diagrams and graphs he worked on appeared pretty complicated and I had a hard enough time understanding Maths at a GCSE level. The volume of the television had been turned as low as I could stand to let him concentrate. It often occurred to me that I didn't know what Jackson did for a living. He'd tell me 'this and that' but never a specific title. Whatever it was he never seemed to stop working on it even in his free time.


"That's disgusting," he told me after I let out a long burp which wasn't ladylike to say the least. Obviously if I had other company I wouldn't do anything of the kind but I couldn't help snickering and adding, "Tasted like pizza," with a broad grin. Jackson wrinkled his nose but I could tell he was smiling. His eyes always sparkled when he smiled, they were a greyish blue colour but still bright in their own way. His auburn hair was cut fairly short and slicked back neatly, like Elias he had a few shorter strands he was forever pushing off his face when he was trying to work. I moved a hand up to my mouth but Jackson had seen already. Whenever I began to yawn it meant he sent me up to my room like I was still a child. Ghost was reluctant to leave me and dug his claws into my leg as he was forcibly removed. As soon as I stood from the armchair he stole my vacant seat to absorb whatever warmth was left in the cushion.


"Don't try to cook again tomorrow," I told Jackson before kissing his forehead rather than making him get up and upset his papers, "I'll make us something when I get home."


"Actually I'm back late tomorrow night so I'm going to get something on the way. Don't put the chain on if you go to bed before I'm home," as if I would go to bed early still when he wasn't here. I nodded all the same to show I understood and escaped the living room before Ghost noticed I had opened the door and tried to make another break for upstairs. Sometimes I thought he did it just to prove he could, he was getting on in years and I did wonder about how much longer he would last.


The hall and landing were yet more examples of Jackson's experimental decorating. The lurid lime green walls hurt my eyes and the nautical theme was so cliché for a coastal village home. I told myself when I had my own house the décor would be far more tasteful and only hoped design talent, or lack thereof, wasn't hereditary. If Jackson had been colour blind it might have been some kind of explanation towards the interior design. The curtains in my room had been drawn already but a large gap had been formed between them, no doubt where Ghost had jumped up to get onto the window sill. It was a tiny room but I knew the larger second bedroom was needed as a study of sorts for Jackson. He hardly ever used the room for work. I got the feeling he worked in the living room so I wasn't on my own all evening. It felt cosier in the smaller space anyway so I felt no need to complain about it. I hit the light switch on the bright orange wall and pushed my way through the sapphire blue beaded curtain so I could throw my school bag onto the chair beneath the bed. It was one of those large bunk beds but it had a desk and comfy chair beneath rather than a bottom bunk. It was meant to save space but it just made the room feel smaller.


I already had homework assignments waiting in my satchel but I didn't have the energy to work on them now. The first day back at school always left me drained and it could all wait until the weekend as per usual. Once I'd pulled on an old but comfortable set of flannel pyjama's I began to scale the short metal ladder up onto my bed. I turned to glance at the gap in the curtains, my bedroom overlooked the housing estate outside and never got too dark at night thanks to the street lamp at the end of our garden. I thought for a moment I caught a glimpse of someone standing beneath the light and hauled myself quickly up onto my bed. I peered through the curtains at the edge of the window but whatever I'd seen was gone. It might have been a dog walker passing by, I knew some of the neighbours did like to go out late. I had been sure though whatever it was had been motionless at the end of our path.


No, I didn't want to think about that now. I was just being paranoid. It was probably because I knew Elias was my neighbour and I was freaking out at the idea he might have followed me home. Roxy would think I was insane if I told her, she'd laugh at me for jumping at shadows. I was so stupid sometimes.

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