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Any good Anime/Manga Recomendations?xD

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Anime wise i bought the Elfen Lied boxset and it's good.


Death Note is all round amazing, got both the anime and the manga collections in my house.


bought Absolute Boyfriend [Zettai Kareshi] and thats really good :]


I recently got Prince of Tennis after reading it on the net .. that's a good one :] if u like humor mixed with sport


Naruto Bleach And Vampire Knight are my ongoing collections as well as Ouran High School Host Club :D

got manga and anime for all of those bar vampire knight .. i dunno where to buy that yet :P

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Well I already love Death Note, Abolsute Boyfriend(It made me cry!D: Poor Night T_T), Elfen Lied&Ouran!:smile:

I might start reading Prince of Tennis then though!:(

Naruto&Bleach are watched/read by too many people, I like to go for less popular, well, less popular than them two anyways!xD

Oooooh! I love Vampire Knight, Yuki is awesomes!:(

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hey you may have read or seen theese but for animes i would say, gokusen, deserst punk, GTO, NHK, goldenboy, gin tama, cowboy bebop, jojo's bizzare adventure, she the ultimate weapon, tokko, berserk, fighting spirit, afro samurai And for manga give gin tama a read if you cant be bothered watching it jap with subs. Parasyte is a great read as well, if u havent already read it check it out. I kno of loads more if they dnt suit ur taste just messasge me.

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