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I thought it would be good idea to share our Twitters and any other Lost-related Twitters that you would recommend following for the final Season. What with it ending in a few months I'm determined to make the most of it and my Twitter lacks some serious Lostness!


And will anyone else actually cry when it finishes? Because I think I actually might :\


Mine is http://twitter.com/dreamcatcher23 Follow me! :P


And I'd recommend following the main bad boys! (But obviously beware of spoilers if you follow on UK time)


http://twitter.com/TheRealDamon <--- The man himself.

http://twitter.com/CarltonCuse <--- Another genius.

http://twitter.com/DarkUFO (All round goodness)

http://twitter.com/lostpedia (Anyone that doesn't use Lostpedia needs to start. Like. Now.)

http://twitter.com/gjacksbeard (The guy that plays Hurley has a podcast!)

http://twitter.com/Lost_Initiative (Pretty bad UK Lost podcast but it brings in the lols)


So yeah! Tweet away and don't let this thread fall flat on it's face! >_<


Oh and I forgot http://twitter.com/iansomerhalder BOONE!

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