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Ahhhh wierd, me and the bf have just reminded ourselves of the awesomeness of ghostbusters - not that one could forget lol so this is boss!!


Plus House on Haunted Hill is all kinds of good too!





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Great announcement can we have Ernie back as well?

More GB guests please



Bring back Ernie!!!


Pucker! More ghostbusters guests please, I always wanted to be a ghostbuster when i was a kid! :WAVE:


I still do. It's not too late is it? :WAVE:

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My other choices of quote after the God one ;)


If the ghostbuster guys are at this event they HAVE to yell 'aim for the flat-top!!!' at some point :D

There was soooooooooo many good quotes from that film, especially peters quotes towards the marshmllow man, please get more ghostbusters guests. Ghostbusters is one of those films that will never be beaten.

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OH MY GOD......






I would ofpaid membership just for this person!!!!!!!




Sorry but I have to reply again...Im still coming down from the ceiling after reading this.


Please please get Dan Akroyd now as I did originally sugges Gozer!!!

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