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For those that are interested and who aren't on my facebook this is the robe pinned to the mannaquin, none of the pieces are actually sewn together yet bar the velvet in the hood and the gold trim but I'm getting there. Got the other gold trim piece for the bottom ready to add tomorrow.





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Wow sam you and your mum are amazing :D looks amazing


And i have pics for you as well of my betsey johnson dress its just a simple white dress with clitter all over it but i LOVE it :P ... now i could turn this into newborn rosalie if i used my veil and got some red lenses ...gonna use my boginni shoes that i used at ET3 to save myself some £££'s

Note to self: Need a strapless bra haha :P


Ignore my hair the curls have been in for like 2 days and they are all over the place :P





And just gonna post this picture cos i LOVE these lenses ha ha




And lenses what do y'all think with this dress red or cullen?

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I use ben nye concealer to even out my skin tone and then follow it with a heck of a lot of collection 2000 powder in the lightest shade they do (which I think is ivory but I could be wrong). It does help that i'm damn pale anyway haha.

Aaah awesome, I've been meaning to ask someone about that! I'm useless with makeup so wouldnt no where to start! Altho, maybe I wont try doin my face tho coz it could end up looking awful!


Jemma....that dress is absolutely stunning :D


Excitement if you guys do baseball Sunday day coz thats when I'd planned to do mine....I might actually get to co-ordinate with you guys finally!


Other outfits me for are Rosalie NM promo for the Friday night...its a simpler outfit so wont matter if I have a lil too much wine in the gold pass reception!

Normal me for the Saturday for photos and then Rosalie kitchen outfit from Twilight for the Saturday night.



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