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I'll definately be waiting till Eclipse comes out. Its gonna suck when we run out of movies as it will mean no more new costumes to do but I guess the good thing is means costumes that we have spent alot of money on can be reworn as I really wanna wear my prom one again as in total it cost me just short of £100 and I'm not wearing it this time round.

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Im gonna do Aro for this one! :P

I was going to do it for Et3 but I changed my mind!



I'm gonna be Alec, but am totally taking all your guys advice and waiting for Eclipse!


Get ready all you cullens (Jemma, Victoria, Sam) because a Volturi is on the prowl!


Oh Volturi cosplay <3 I think Jane will be making a reappearance at ET4 ^_^

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