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What's stopping you from booking

What's stopping you from getting a ticket  

92 members have voted

  1. 1. What's stopping you from getting a ticket

    • Ticket too expensive
    • Waiting for Aiden to be announced
    • Waiting for Lenora to be announced
    • Not interested in the show/con
    • Too many events next year
    • Broke!
    • Waiting for friends to decide
    • Already have a ticket
    • Other (please specify below)

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I think that Showmasters should have a Winter sale on tickets for the con.

But wouldn't this annoy people like you, who have paid full-price in advance?

It certainly wouldn't encourage people to buy in advance for other events - you'd have people who would then wait until the last minute just in case they cut the prices - not the effect they would like to cause!

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