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The Castiel appreciation thread.

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LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM!!!! <<<< infact probably an understatement!!! :wub: haha!


He is beyond awesomeness and hotness and coolness and funnyness!


He is by far my favourite character (and misha my favourite cast member :P )

he was neck and neck with Dean for a while, but Cas definitly won me over in the end :P




Oh Castiel!!


How can an Angel make you want to sin so badly!!!!!



and Nikki - that is SO beyond true!!! haha :smile:

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I love the unintentional humour from his character, like it's not sarcasm but he's lines of just pure honesty are hilarious.


I thought he was a douche bag at first though haha


GUTTED I was at CML09 and didnt think anything of him now I know better! and the error of my ways *sob*

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