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Countessa of Volterra- When the past comes back to bite you.

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Hi everyone i wrote this thinking that the competition was still open but i guessed wrong.

I've never ever written a story before, but after reading some of the stories on here i thought i'd give it a go. Hope you all like it.




From the woods I observed in anticipation, the largest gathering of vampires was soon to take place.

I studied each arriving face, and there he was the dark knight whose identity had eluded me for decades.


It was 1923, my endeavours to persuade my father Count Belfatori of Volterra to allow me to attend the Royal ball had not worked. The Royal Family had announced that their elusive army, known as the dark knights would be attending for the first time.

Their name was forbidden to be mentioned in my home but I did not care to understand why my father feared them so immensely.

As a typical 18 year old human girl I chose to defy my father and the consequences was going to thrust me into an eternity of regret.


The silence pierced the ball room and everyone shot back in wonder at the 15 men displayed before us.

The dark knights had arrived and I felt immense pleasure in evading my father to be here. Their skin echoed my belief that they had never tasted the sun and they stood out from the intrigued terracotta bodies that enclosed them.

Their faces did not display the tales of battle one might expect, yet their solemn expression showed otherwise.

While I observed this handsome army of pale men, it was then that I saw him and him me. Swiftly he was at my side; his smell filled me with an emotion I had never experienced.

His beauty captured my every sense, his cool hand took mine and I was lost to the action that occurred around me.


Lost is what I became, the pain protruded from my every pore. I felt the pressure ceasing on my wrist, I could hear the shame of what he had done yet the words did not escape his lips.

While he debated on what to do with me, he suddenly realised I could hear his thoughts. Unfortunately, my father discovered me on the terrace before the dark knight could inflict his final bite.

My father nursed me through those days of pain, believing that the hunger could not possibly win over the love I felt for him and my family.

Heartbreakingly, when the pain subsided and the hunger followed I found myself alone. Left with only the memories of fear in the faces of those I cherished more than anything in the world.

I became submerged in a sea of bitterness and my only thought was discovering the dark knight who had inflicted this terrible fate on me.

And as I searched through the decades I came to learn, that my body took on abilities from the vampires I encountered from a great distance.


Here I stood collecting powers from the vampires gathered in the meadow. I forced myself not to enter and watched as the tension began to subside. One by one they disappeared, yet my eyes never left where he stood. I heard her call him in sweet relief, his name was Edward and soon I was to pay them a visit he would never forget.

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