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New Pre-Orders Autographs serves now being run in house by ourselves

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New Pre-Orders serves for Autograph collectors


we have now decided to take this serves back into our hands so as to be able to guarantee that you get the Autographs you order as we will be looking after your order Personally ourselves ;)


This serves is very simple if you want to buy an autograph from a guest thats attending any of the events we run all you need to do is contact us though this email address derek@tenthplanetevents.co.uk



The price of the Autograph will be the same as what it would cost at the event , plus a £5 extra charge for this serves plus £2 p&p in the UK


if you need it to be dedicated this is also posable and will costs another £5 extra



if an Autograph show price is £10 it will cost you £17 total to your door


if you wanted the same Autograph dedicated as well then it will cost £22 delivered to your door




if you order more than one item it will not cost you more postage money the £2 will cover 1 to 10 items


we manly run events, but we also know some of you cannot get to all the events we run so we are offering you this reliable serves to help all the collector every were


if your order has to be shipped abroad please state were it need to go to and our people will get back to you with the price, also if you want it Insured as well please ask for the cost for this too





we hope this is of help to you :D


jason :WAVE:

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