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Richie Rich

Reviews and opinions of the guests...

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I have just got back and as the day began i thought it was going to be a nightmare... we left the house at 8 and didn't get there until 10 because we couldn't find the place... i hate being lost. :P


Anywho... we finally got there only to be told that i have to either wait until 11 o'clock or pay the full £10 price for my 8 year old daughter... bad times. :(


Anyway... we waited. I also had it in my head i wasn't going to be able to meet everyone i wanted to because of the lateness of me getting in.


so... first thing was first... I joined the HUGE line of people who was meeting Ian McNeice... finally i got there and i have to say... he was the perfect gentleman. He was very chatty and friendly and i told him I really liked him in Freeze Frame and we chatted about Lee Evans for a while. He signed my Freeze Frame DVD and then asked me what Picture on the table i wanted signing... i just chose one from HHGTTG and he signed and and didn't accept the cash for the extra autograph... A very warm friendly man.


OK... so then i found Ke Huy Quan... i got him to sign my picture of the Goonies i got from Collectormania when i met Jeff Cohen... so now i have 2 signatures on that... i told him i watched the Goonies so many times as a kid and i told him when i was younger i always wanted to be a Goonie and hunt for the treasure with them... He laughed and said "Yeah, i think it's every young boys dream adventure"... yet again... another very friendly guest and a pleasure to meet...


Dave Prowse was nowhere to be seen so i couldn't meet him so we looked around the stalls and my daughter bought a few things... then 1 o'clock came and we went into Autographica...

I went straight to Ernest Borgnines line of people and got a ticket... but was told that i will have to wait until about 4 because he is about to go to lunch and then a photo shoot so won't be back for ages.

I thought to myself... OK... this is the person i won't get to meet, my daughter is getting very tired now and is moaning at me about her legs aching.


So i went and met Kenny Baker... i had met him before at a Collectormania, but this time i wanted him to sign my Star Wars poster... he was nice, but seemed distracted by other things. He was friendly enough and waved at my daughter but wasn't as chatty as he was the first time i met him... but still no complaints.


We then went and had a bit of food while i waited for Ernest to come back from everywhere...


When we got back from lunch i went to see if Dave Prowse was anywhere to be seen... And there he was... sitting next to Ian McNeice.

The line wasn't that big so i went to meet him... again i met him at Collectormania before but wanted my poster signing... he was very friendly and chatty, he invited me and my daughter behind the table for a photo... He seemed in high spirits and was willing to chat to us about Star Wars... and was chatting to my daughter because she didn't believe he was Darth Vader. I think she expected him to be in full costume or something... Haha! :(


Anyway... we then went to see if Ernest was back yet and he wasn't, but there was a line of people waiting, but no number on the board... i was number 244... but when he finally arrived i asked the person there what numbers where there and i was told that it's OK... i can just go and meet him.

So i waited in the line... i got to him and i have to say he was one of the friendliest and nicest people i have ever met at one of these gatherings.

I told him i had been watching him since i was a kid... when i was young i really liked the Black Hole, then when i was a teen i watched Airwolf and when I started collecting videos one of the first was Convoy... He was telling me stories of The Black Hole and we had a laugh... he has got one of the best laughs and smiles ever.


So... to wrap it all up... i got to meet everyone i wanted and they were all very nice... one of the best events i have been to and worth getting lost for.


Thanks Showmasters for this awesome event... I am so happy i got to meet the people i wanted to.



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I thought it was good, just gutted katy manning wasn't there and that the day on the website said saturday, a helper than said she was coming sunday, gutted

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I went there solely for Sonny Landham and was not disappointed what an fantastic guest he was very sincere and has to be up there with the best guests i've ever met.

Not sure if the show worked for me but as its only down the road can't complain one bit.

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Had a great day. A bit disapointed DM wasn`t there though , more for my daughter really who loves Dr Who ,but she wasn`t to bothered she wanted to meet Ernest Borgnine. My daughter managed to get posed photos from both Mickey Rooney and Joan Collins who even gave her tips on how to take a better photo.

It may have been quite or quiter ,but there was still plenty of people there and possibly the best guest line up showmaster have had for awhile outside of Milton Keynes.

One last point Ian Mcniece is possibly still sighning and have having photos taken as i right this . He was great had time for everyone.


See you at the next one Showmasters

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Enjoyed the shows today - was slightly dissapointed about David Morrisey, and anbout Katy Manning being on Sunday, but apart from that it was very good. Ian Mcneice was a pleasure to meet and had time for everyone. Vellie Tshabalala was lovely too.


Went over to autographica at about 12ish and the various Bond girls were lovely as always - Karen Seeberg was a pleasure to meet for the first time in particular.

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Just got back and am sitting having my tea, so its as good a time as any to update.


Been to a couple of the G-Mex ones in Manchester, and thought that having the two shows side by side was genius, it worked really well.


I went with my brother, and we really enjoyed it, myself I met a few guests but the highlight was meeting Caroline Munroe, who I had my first crush on when I was about 8 or 9, she was just as stunning! But she was a great guest, really chatty and polite.


My brother met Lazenby, who was far chattier at the photo than when he was signing autos, but he was pretty cool, as was Kenny Baker and David Prowse was lovely.


The only bit of feedback I would have is that waiting for the photos was a bit hit and miss, as we hung around for ages waiting for the Lazenby photos to come back, and we were told that they would be there at 2:30, then 3, then 3:30, eventually I paid £2 to have them delivered as we couldn't wait any longer. Instead of using boots, why not offer an option to have the jpeg emailed, or get a photo quality printer.


The real highlight was seeing the great guy that was dressed as Spiderman walking into a door, then explaining it to a four year old.

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Very busy when I was there about midday-ish (but not as rammed as 'The Gadget Show Live' nearby, cor) Had to take it easy walking about the Hilton, lots of hustle and bustle. Air conditioning at the Collectormania hall had gone awol, the bloke in front of me at one queue was sweating like a pig. Queues for photoshoots that I went to were fairly quick, that photographer guy seems very skilled at doing his thing and keeping the line moving. Crew were working hard and there were a lot more of them around, they must be flaked out by now! Out of all I met, David Warner is an absolute gent - friendly, warm, talkative and interesting - please bring him back for more. Jeez, he even laughed at my really rubbish anecdote about him. Charlie Duke was doing slow-ish buisiness, maybe because his fee has about doubled since he last appeared I think. Think the events running side by side is a good idea. I enjoyed it as a whole, but as always you do have to have a plan of action about who you go to see and allow plenty of time - if you go in with the attitude of trying to get in and done and out within an hour it might get disappointing. Only complaint is a few more prominent signs showing what was where would have been welcome.


Thanks to all for a good day.

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Well, we walked in, just looking around, and we spotted Matthew Lewis, who we always go and see. So of course we did, and he was just as lovely as ever! He chatted to my mum all about Yorkshire and then to me about school, and he's always so nice and didn't disappoint :)


Then we went to see Jonathan Hyde, who, to be honest, was so lovely to talk to! He complimented my name and was just a genuinely nice man.


Sonny Landham was also a great guy, along with Ian McNeice :)


Then I finally went to see Helen Sharman, because one of my school houses is named after her, and she was just as nice as any of the other guests


Going back tomorrow to see the Being Human people, and hopefully it will be just as great :)

Thanks SM!

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I was surprised at how small the queues were (if at all) - I was concerned about meeting everyone on my 'list', but as it happens I was pretty much done by 10:30. The only person (aside from Ian McNeice for obvious reasons) who had any sort of queue at the time was Ke Huy Quan, but even that went pretty quickly. Was a pleasure to meet KHQ, George Harris and Kevork Malikyan - Kevork in particular was a very mercurial guy, really animated. David Warner - perfect gentleman, very friendly and open. Sonny Landham was also surprisingly talkative and engaging.


Talks - attended 2, the Sonny Landham talk, and the Indy talk. Had to laugh at Nicky hammering Landham with questions, and Landham acknowledging the question then rolling off seemingly un-related rambling anecdotes. Still not entirely convinced about him taking credit for writing Billy's 'death scene'... :thumbup:


Indy Talk was very open, and interesting - someone asked a good question about how they had each managed to get their roles, and that led to some great anecdotes.


All in all I thought it was a very well organized event - very much different from CM MK or LFACC. Next time, it it's run in the same way, I'd definitely bring the family up. Great job everyone.


The real highlight was seeing the great guy that was dressed as Spiderman walking into a door, then explaining it to a four year old.


He was very popular with a group of girls in the bar area... Judging from where their eyes kept going, I think the costume was a bit tighter than he realized in certain areas...

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Queued for about 45 minutes to see Ernest Borgnine. A perfect old school gentleman. Chatted and posed for photos. He's apparantly 82 years old and was going like the Duracell Bunny. We should all be so lucky when we get to his age.



It's even more amazing than that! He's not 82 ... he's 92 !!! Born 24 Jan 1917 !!!


Best wishes,

Terry - Quadbod

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Well i had a good day for most part,


Got in a 10ish and found my way to Autographica which was where the main people i wanted to meet were, paid £10 to get in and checked where everyone was...


1st met George Kennedy, i got him to sign my Naked Gun box set which he laughed when he saw, we spoke about how he still speaks to Leslie Neilson from time to time and how although the movies were fun to watch, cracking the same joke over and over again for 40something takes wasnt always that funny!

Got to sit next to him and have a photo with him which his grandson was kind enough to take. Great start.


Checked on Ernest next but they wanted to wait for his que to die down a bit so i went to see Mickey Rooney... wish i hadnt botherd. He had no que so i paid my money, put the dvd cover down which he took, signed and pushed back to me, "i said thanks and enjoy the rest of the weekend", he kinda looked up and nodded but that was about it, i certainly didnt think to ask for a photo for fear of what he may say, regret spending the money if im honest, especially knowing i could be jobless this time next week!


Anyway, Ernest next, got BASEketball signed which he was genuinely impressed by, we had a laugh about it and exchanged pleasentrys and he was happy to pose for a photo with me too, just a lovely warm friendly man, pleasure to meet.


Went over to CM and paid the £5 to get in, i got the Ian McNeice ticket which i had forgotton about and kicked myself for leaving my Ace Ventura 2 dvd at home...


Met Ke Huy Quan next and got my Goonies dvd signed, didnt say a lot to be honest but that was more coz i didnt really know what to say, he was very nice though, got a photo and wished me a good day, cant ask for more really


Finally i joined the huge que for Ian McNeice, i got to the front and chose the HHGTTG pic and mentioned how i left my Ace dvd at home. He signed the photo for me and then took a post it note and wrote,

"to paul, alrightee then, ian mcneice, Fulton Greenwall, Ace2"

he told me to stick it to my dvd box! brilliant.

We spoke a bit about Jim Carrey and how i expected him to always be a clown but when i met him he was quite reserved, Ian did say how good he was and how his mood changes because of Manic Depression but was impressed that i managed to meet him... so was i!

Then he got up to pose for a photo with me, he was up and down all day. Considering i hadnt planned to meet him, i was extremely pleased that i did, lovely guy.


So then, at 130ish, i went home. Good job two as i was tired and that was a long drive. Asides wasting £25 on grumpy old git Rooney it was a good day, pleased i went.


Sorry for the long post...

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Had a great day (despite a 2 hour tailback on M6 on the way).


Arrived at 12.30 and entered the labyrinth that was the Metropole finally happening on Sonny Landham as he returned from lunch. What a guy!!!! Brilliant had a brief chat with him whilst he was signing my one-sheet and he asked if my de-rigeur prison shirt was real (!!!?)


Went off to chat with Matt Lewis for about 10 mins and hit the talks room for Sonny's very entertaing talk. My favourite moment was when he got the guy up to demonstrate a punch and the poor chap looked terrified.


I then think I peed him off with a question about his likeness rights but then he went into another anecdote so all was good - Not entirely convinced about the death scene either Mike!!!! LOL


Wandered around Autographica, was very impressed with the Space auction and had a brief but nice chat with Charlie Duke, got Kenny on a couple of posters (he really does seem more and more frail everytime I see him but he 's doing what he loves so more power to him!) and the friend that I was with got really giggly about Ernest B. (I didn't ask...).


I saw Jason so congratulated him and thanked him for putting the show together and big things are afoot for CM15 & LFCC (which is nice...)


Hit the Indy talk and was very entertained by the weight loss tales of Ahmed and the responses to the question that no-one really wanted to be asked.


Finished off in the dealers room and was on the way home by 4.30.


Brilliant day. Wish I could do it again tomorrow.

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just attended autographica and collectormania,and wasnt disappointed with meeting sir geoff again.

what a legend!

must admit though some of the stalls are getting a bit boring,same high prices and same old faces.

roll on milton keynes.

come on!!!!


regards to the bear.

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Weighing the two events up today I enjoyed Collectormania Midlands more. Collectormania Midlands was busy but Autographica was rammed full of people, which I didn't enjoy as I don't like crowded spaces. You have to be organised when going to these events, planning who you want to see and what you want to have signed. The air conditioning didn't seem to be working, especially in the hall Collectormania Midlands was in.


Of the guests I saw today I enjoyed seeing Jonathan Hyde, Kevork Malikyan, Joie Vejjajiva, Sylvanna Henriques, Caroline Munro and Karen Seeberg. Mickey Rooney might have been having a bad day and George Lazenby seemed very offish and not very talkative.

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my thoughts on how my day went,


started with Autographica.


1st guest i saw was joan collins, said the normal 'hello, how are you' intros' (no response) passed her my photo, one i had taken myself, her response then was 'ugh! i dont like that photo' & a snidey remark to her assistant. not once did she even acknowledge me being there. (no posed photos, & i did hear that someone who did take a photo of her was told to delete it). bad start to the day!


then on to mickey rooney, no queue, chose my photo & went to his table. again no response. virtually snatched the photo from my hand, scribbled his name & gave it back to me. didnt even look at me.

totally agree with snot182's comments. i do wonder if the stories about him & borgnine are true, he looked very envious at the queue for borgnine.


next was ernest borgnine, excellent guest, always had a long queue as he was chatty with everyone that met him. posed photos which i didnt expect. looked genuinly happy to be there. you could hear his laughter throughout the room.


on to george kennedy, very nice man, plenty to say about his career. again posed photos were allowed.


dont think the event was as relaxed as it has been previously.



moved onto Collectormania.


found it all a bit cramped to be honest.

had a look round the stalls & got in the queue for ian mcniece.

he had gone for lunch but was due back so didnt have long to wait.

while waiting i get a tap on the shoulder & turn round to face the man himself. 'who is this queue for?' he asks. with a grin & a shrug i say 'i think its for some bloke called ian mcniece'. pleased to say he found it quite funny.

what a nice man, signed my No Escape dvd (he was really pleased to see it & had a chat about it).

very friendly, even came around from his table to pose for photos. as far as i could see he did that with everyone.


a day that started badly ended very well.

thank you ian for making it worthwhile.



one comment on the layout - it was quite difficult to find where the guests were sitting.

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on to george kennedy, very nice man, plenty to say about his career. again posed photos were allowed.


Very nice guy, but when I got to him just before 4pm I think it was he was apparently getting tired, so with only about 2 people in front of me, they stopped him personalising and posing for photos. Photos fair enough I can understand, but he wanted to still personalise as he asked me my name and did I want my 8x10 personalised, but then his assistant mumbled something and said sig only from now on and no more personalising.

Bit annoying really if George still wanted to personalise but he wasnt allowed, particularly as I like mine personalised and the fact they stopped him so very close to me ;)


Other than that, great day, and Ernest was really great to meet.

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Hit the Indy talk and was very entertained by the weight loss tales of Ahmed and the responses to the question that no-one really wanted to be asked.


Meaning what their views where on the latest film? I actually wanted to ask about their views on Spielberg's directing style, but someone beat me to it.

Edited by MikeDonovan

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To start with I must say we had a fantastic day.

Didn't start off too well when I told my daughter David Morissey wasn't going to be there and she promptly cried for 5 minutes but things did get better : )


Went to Ian McNeice first who was a lovely guy, very chatty and friendly. Happy to pose for photos and chatted to my daughter about Doc Martin (which cheered her up immensely) and to me about Dune.


Sonny Landham was next for my husband, again what a lovely friendly man. Shook all of our hands and chatted quite happily to all of us. Was happy to have his photo taken signing. This was fine by us as my husband had a photo shoot booked too.


Next went to Johnathan Hyde. Seemed amused that the autograph was for me, I think he had assumed it was for my daughter lol. More than happy to have a photo with me over the table.


The food court was fantastic, decent priced food and very tasty, plenty of seating too.


Went to Sonny and Indy talks, both really entertaining and got to sit at the front for both which was amazing and a novelty compared to the convention talks. Ahmed was the star of the Indy talk, a true gentleman and very entertaining.


So in conclusion, thankyou Showmasters me and my family had an awesome day and will definitely be attending many more of these in the future.

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Had a great hour, was in and out and met all 5 guests I wanted easily.


George Kennedy- Found him friendly and chatted about The Naked Gun & OJ.


Ernest Borgnine- Legend. Very friendly and said he would still be filming Airwolf today if the other fella hadn't been getting doped up, a privalige to meet.


Joan Collins- Thought she was ok. Asked if I enjoyed Dynasty (my choice of 10x8) and asked if my spelling was the same as Aaron Spelling, said one of her Footballers wives co-stars was a prima donna.


Ke Hu Quan- Found him very friendly & polite.


Sonny Landham- Top bloke. Very friendly and chatty. Talked about filming in the jungle (he wouldn't again for 10x the money), and the US grosses for Predator & 24 Hours. Firmest handshake ever!


Great event, many thanks! :wub::o;)

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I went yesterday and had a great day.


Met Ke Huy Quan who was very friendly.


Met Sonny Landham who seemed to be the most jolly person ever. Saw him later walking about and he said hiya and then at the end of the day i saw and he asked if we'd had a good time.


Met Ian McNeice just before is que got really big he said he wished there was some Ace Venturra pics. We had a chat about Jackie Chan.


I then met Velile Tshabalala who said she'd loved to do more Doctor Who if they asked.


I met Matthew Lewis we had a chat about twittter he said he hopes he's not to boring.


I met George Lazenby who barely spoke was disappoited.


I bought a photo shoot ticket with Sonny Landham but lost the ticket. It must have fallen out of my pocket when taking the camera out. So wasted £15 there.


Went through to autographica and met some of the Bond girls - Mollie. Madeline, Karren and Femi.


I then met caroline munroe for the second time whilst chatting she said she remembered me from the last midlands event.


I had a photoshoot with the bond girls didn't lose that ticket. was a really good day

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was there again today :)

and excuse me,


he must have been the nicest guy EVER!

he was so friendly and chatty and a genuinely great bloke!



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Well, after being really disappointed that David Morrisay had cancelled, I still had an excellent weekend.


Spent over £600 ponds on autographs - its going to take a while to save that up fro the next event.


All guests were billiant. Borgnine, Kennedy, Collins, all the Bond girls( photo shoot with them was the best ever - Karen Seeberg remembered me as "Her man". Long story why.


Jonathan Hyde, Landham, Being Human - so many excellent guests.



Role on the next one. Atmosphere between the two events was excellent

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Probably one of the best lines ups so far:


Ernest Borgnine - can we have this guy back to every single show?? This oscar-winning Hollywood legend has to be the friendliest, happiest most approachable guest I have ever had pleasure to meet. He took the time to talk to everyone, was an absolute hoot during the photoshoot and had one of the best laughs i've heard.


Mickey Rooney - I met him on the Sunday morning around 1030. I have to say he was very nice, very friendly, and with prompts from his lovely wife, we chatted a little about their show they tour with, which I saw a little while ago. He even shook my hand as I left and said something like enjoy the rest of the weekend. Maybe he was a little jet-lagged on the Saturday - I saw him after the show in the lobby on Sat, and he look so tired just slouched in an armchair.


Joan Collins - I didn't meet her for an autograph ( personally I thought £25 was a little steep for her), but I did have a photoshoot on the Saturday. She was lovely and polite, no problems at all.


George Kennedy - what a lovely friendly guy too. Appeared very frail, but was great to chat with.


Helen Sharman - Was lovely during the photoshoot and the lecture Q&A was great on the Saturday. Was very informal, we really enjoyed it.


David Warner - very friendly and chatty. Lovely during the photoshoots.


Sonny Landham - he's a big man with a big personality.


Bond girls - what a great idea for the photoshoot - putting all those ladies together. They couldnt behave for a second! Lots of fun. Photos turned out great too.



Ok I think i've said enough - someone else can have a turn......

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My partner (Kaz) and son Ewan (aged 7) went daft and met loads of folk this weekend. Every one of them was wonderful.


I'm going to try and keep my reviews short and sweet:


Ernest Borgnine - the best guest ever, really friendly and probably one of the cheeriest people I've met in my life. Did the "Eeeevil" cry for Ewan from Mermaid Man on Spongebob Squarepants.

Joan Collins - Was apprenhensive about meeting her due to earlier posts prior to the event but she was vary classy and chatty. She had the largest selection of photos I've ever seen.

Mickey Roonie - He was preoccupied on Saturday and I later dicsovered why. He was still amazing to meet and on the Sunday morning was more relaxed and kept waving to us as we wandered around. Kept blowing kisses to us and his wife made some of the nicest comments to the three of us that we've ever heard.

George Kennedy - Lovely gentle guy who explained to Ewan what the Concorde plane was.

Angus Lennie - He was probably the main reason for our visit. A terrific little guy who was happy to talk about my home town (and his)

Ke Huy Quan - Brilliant guest who returned to help us with a late photoshoot. His partner was lovely and made a huge fuss over Ewan

Sonny Landham - Another great and cheery guest who talked to us about his love of golf and wanting to visit St Andrews one day. Said his 8 year old grand-daughter and Ewan should pair-up one day as he's handsome.

George Lazenby - Very professional and down-to-earth guy. Told us to ignore the "no photo" sign and posed with Ewan

Jonathon Hyde - Really chatty and quite funny as well. Was in two minds whether to meet him or not but really glad we did.

Ian McNeice - Busiest guest on the whole Saturday due to being the free guest but still unphased and jolly near the end of a hectic day for him.

Kevork Malikyan - Whoever didn't meet this guy really lost out. Absolutely wonderful guest who shared his memories of the show "Mind your language" and was crazy about Ewan

George Harris - Was thrilled to meet George and so down-to-earth and friendly.

Peter Pacey - Looked nothing like what I expected. Left his desk for a photo and spent time wishing Ewan all the best

Barbara Frankland - Really nice lady who asked Ewan all about his school

Henry Cooper - Our reason for staying till the Sunday. Top guest and one of the firmest handshakes ever.


Then there's the bond girls

Caroline Munro - Second time we've met Caroline and remembered our first visit in December last year. Absolutely stunning and like us was in total awe of the legends (Ernest, Mickey, Joan and George)

Martine Beswick - really funny and gorgeous lady. Watching her and Caroline discuss their chests during the start of the photoshoot was well worth the cost of the photoshoot alone

Femi Gardner - Beautfil guest who was really lovely to the three of us

Karen Seeberg - Gorgeous guest who talked to Ewan about the Living Daylights film

Madeline Smith - Was changing her prices as we met her but a really nice and funny guest. Her initial perception of the photoshoot was beyond hilarious.

Mollie Peters - Simply wonderful lady who provided some insight into the photo we got signed and talked a lot about Sean Connery.

Joie Vejjajivas - My god what an awesome lady. Nearly squeezed Ewan out his socks and planted a smacker on him that made his dad jealous.

Sylvanna Henriques - Stunning guest like all the other bond girls - Lifted Ewan right off his feet and gave him the warmest hug ever.


Thank you so much to showmasters for organising this. It was well worth the journey and expense from Glasgow. On previous weekends we usually have a few good memories but the whole weekend was a dream for us.


Steve, Kaz and Ewan

Edited by steevofromglasgow

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I think im going to have to summerise my review!


Velie Tshabalala- Very nice and freindly, spoke about london amonst other things

Dave prowse- another lovely guest and a pleasure to speak to and wasnt in any rush when we had to redo the photo.

ke huy quan- again, another lovely guest. Wish i had spoken a bit more to him but alas my talking skills are not that good.

Russel tovey- brilliant guest. He was lovely, funny and really nice. Also strangely enough he thought he knew me from somewhere which was flattering.

Lorena critchlow- She was lovely as well. Felt a bit nervous in the photo shoot and she told me not to be. Felt a bit better after that

Mickey rooney- Did meet him on the saturday, didnt really talk to me but i did speak breifly to his wife. Sunday he did seem more talkative and his wife gave a nice comment about my hair at the photoshoot.

Kenny baker-didnt seem to talkative on the saturday either but i didnt really mind since i was having a good time at both events.

Ernest borgnine-Very Freindy although i did have a problem as my voice is a little quiet.

Zia geelini- Lovely guest and very helpful ( i couldnt get the flash on my camera so a member of the crew and zia helped me, so thanks :) )

Ian mcNeice- very lovely guy to talk to although i dont remember what i asked him

Ian hiditch- Very lovely guest as well

Johnathon hyde-Very lovely nice to talk to. Pointed out something about the picture , so i will have to keep an eye out when i next watch jumunji.

George harris- Another brilliant guest.

Matthew lewis- brilliant guest, very nice to talk to once again.


Thanks showmasters :(

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