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Who have you met ?


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I got to meet Amber Benson recently at an autograph signing, just as nice as I thought she'd be. Apart from that the only other thing I can think of is being in the audience for an Alice Cooper interview... mostly because seeing Alice Cooper in the full Alice Cooper get up talking calmly and sipping tea is the most bizzare image I've seen in ages

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These are people that I have met at various conventions as well as Showmasters events.


John Landis

Gary Kurtz

Robert Watts

Linda Hamilton

Christopher Lloyd

Jan Harlan

David Prowse

Norman Reynolds

Jeffrey Weissman

Lea Thompson


Susan Backlinie

Noah Hathaway

Phil Daniels

Gail Porter

Todd Carty

Barry Bostwick

Carole Decker

Michael Jayston

Chris Eubank

Nerina Pallot

Beverley Knight

Corey Feldman


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Assume this is just about Whedon Shows, so lets start with some of my favourite meets.


I guess Joss Whedon has to be top.


I met Joss at the Serenity Premiere in London and he signed a 10x8 for me and more importantly he also signed my Serenity 10x8 promo card that had most of the cast on as well. What really made the meeting particular special though was the pen I gave him to sign didn't work and so I thought I had missed my chance and even though he was busy and he was being hurried a long he came back to me to sign my items, which for anyone that goes to Premiere's that is quite a rare occurence. I thought it was fantastic and he could see how much it meant to me.


I had breakfast with Alan Tudyk at an event in America, and whilst he was sitting in a booth with myself and my sister he got a call from Nathan Fillion so he passed the phone over to us to say hello. Nathan had called him to see if he was free to come round and play Halo.


A photo shoot with Morena Baccarin , in the days of film changes ,rather than digital, she had just put her arm around me :wub: when the film ran out so we just had to stand there !!! Such a hard life !!!!


A meet and greet with Nathan Fillion, funny guy and very fan friendly.


Christina Hendricks , has to be one of the most stylish and fashionable guests that I have met at an event and absolutely lovely. I'm so glad she has gone on to become a bit of an icon in Mad Men.


Just a couple of stories and now for the longer list of those I've met in person



Joss Whedon Chris Buchanan (Exec Producer, Serenity)

Dayne Johnson (Make up Artist on BTVS, Make up Supervisor on Angel)

Carrie Grace (Assistant Costume Designer on Angel)

Sparky (Props - Angel)


BTVS/ Angel


David Boreanaz - Angel

Charisma Carpenter - Cordelia

Eliza Dushku - Faith

Anthony Head - Giles

Nick Brendon - Xander

Amber Benson - Tara

Robia La Morte - Jenny

Tom Lenk - Andrew

Danny Strong - Jonathan

Adam Busch - Warren

Mark Metcalfe - The Master

DB Woodside - Principal Wood

Julie Benz - Darla

Mercedes McNab - Harmony

Amy Acker - Fred

J August Richards - Gunn

Andy Hallett - Lorne

Vincent Kartheiser - Connor

Nathan Fillion - Caleb

Iyari Limon - Kennedy

Indigo - Rona

Felicia Day - Vi

Armin Shimmerman - Principal Snyder

Jonathan Woodward - Holden Webster / Knox

James Leary - Clem

George Hertzberg - Adam

David Denman - Skip

Brian Thompson - Luke / The Judge

Camden Toy - Gentleman / Gnarl / Ubervamp

Clare Kramer - Glory

Scott Schwartz - Biker Vamp

Joel Grey - Doc

Christian Kane - Lindsey

Stephanie Romanov - Lilah

Keith Szarabajika - Holtz

Sarah Thompson - Eve

Jenny Mollen - Nina

Rena Owen - Dinza

Adam Baldwin - Marcus Hamilton

John Billingsley - Dr. Royce

Sam Anderson - Holland Manners

Juliet Landau - Drusilla

Mark Lutz - Groosalugg

Rudolf Martin (who played Dracula in the Season Five opener, Buffy Vs Dracula)








Nathan Fillion - Mal

Summer Glau - River

Alan Tudyk - Wash

Morena Baccarin - Inara

Adam Baldwin - Jayne

Ron Glass - Book

Sean Maher - Simon

Jewel Staite - Kaylee

Mark Shepard - Badger

Christina Hendricks - Saffron

Jonathan Woodward - Tracey

Greg Itzin - Magistrate Higgins

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