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One Shot: Protect Her.

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Okayy, so originally this is just something i wrote for Jess (jess8619) butttt, she keeps pestering me to post it on here :D

Ahaa. So, yeahhh. There you go Jess. Happy now? :D





I'd never been more in love than when i first laid my eyes on her. She had pale skin, soft, golden eyes and she was the most beautiful girl on the face of the earth - well, in my eyes anyway. Let's just say my pack, my friends didn't really approve. They thought i was betraying them or something. See, the thing is Jess Cullen was a vampire and i'm a werewolf.


Before i met her i absolutely detested vampires. I was convinced they were out to destroy us. I thought that because they didn't have a heartbeat, they didn't have proper feelings. I thought because their skin was cold, their emotions would be too. If only i had known how wrong i had been.


It all started that day at school, she'd arrived with the other Cullens that Dr and Mrs Cullen had supposedly 'adopted' I'd looked over at her and my mouth instantly dropped. She had a look of pure pain on her face but she was still gorgeous. Of course i knew she was one of them, but for once i wasn't bothered. It didn't take long for us to become friends either. We had almost every class together and we were growing attached to one another. Then, one day as we sat in our English class reading Romeo and Juliet i leaned over to her and whispered one of Romeo's lines into her ear. "With love's light wings did I o'erperch these walls; For stony limits cannot hold love out: And what love can do, that dares love attempt" I hoped that was the right one, i wasn't all that familiar with Shakespeare and all that old English crap. She giggled a bit and looked at me with those beautiful eyes that i loved so much, she saw my face which was dead serious and smiled shyly at me before bending over her notebook to write something.


I love you.


She slid it across the table for me to read. When i looked back up at her she was looking at the teacher, pretending to pay attention though i knew she wasn't. I quickly wrote back, screwing up the paper and throwing it at her head, but she was too quick holding her hand up to catch it before it came anywhere close.


I love you too. Always have, always will. Be mine?


I watched her expression as she read what i had written. Nothing. I was anxious for her to reply back but she never did. She didn't even talk to me throughout the rest of the day. I was beginning to regret asking her. If she didn't feel the same way why didn't she just say so? Deep down i was hurt, really and truthfully but i didn't say anything. I mean how does that even work out? She tells me she loves me, i ask her out and she blanks me. I tried to go about the rest of the day as normal as possible, but when she went to sit with the other Cullens instead of me at lunch i knew something was really up.


After school let out i didn't bother waiting for her outside her classroom like i usually did. I figured she wouldn't really want to talk right now. I thought i would just go straight home and call her later. That was until Quil and Embry showed up.


"Hey Jake, you coming down to the beach later?" Quil asked.


"Yeah" Embry joined in "I hear that Stacie girl's gonna be there. You know the one that likes you?"


"Aha. Yeahh. She's got the hots for you man! Hey, wanna make a bet? How long it'll take Jake to get her in bed. I say it'll be tonight. She's so easy!" Quil laughed.


"Oh your on!" Embry said. "I'd give it at least a week!"


I stood there listening to their banter but really i was in a world of my own. I saw her come out of the building and looked longingly at her. She froze, listened for a second, then changed her direction. She was heading towards me. It didn't take her long to get to me and when she did Embry and Quil looked at her in utter disgust. She didn't pay any attention to them, but instead she threw her arms around me, nearly knocking me out. She laid her head on my shoulder and sighed. I didn't really know what to do so i put my arms around her, returning the embrace. Then, she pulled away and pushed my head forward so that our lips connected. It was an innocent but passionate kiss that i instantly responded to.


"I'm yours" she whispered, before walking gracefully away to join the rest of the Cullens.


Wow. I thought.


"Guess you better pay up man" Embry said jokingly to Quil "Jake won't even be thinking of Stacie tonight."


"I got stuff i gotta do tonight anyway" I said, after all i didn't feel like going out. "I guess i'll see you guys tomorrow"




"Jess, what's going on?" I asked as i walked up the Cullens driveway. She had called me and told me that we needed to talk. That was never a good line.


"There's something or should i say someone that you need to meet"


I gave her an odd look. What was she talking about. I followed her into the house where most of the family were sitting. This made me feel very uncomfortable as her 'brothers' glared at me, but i tried not to pay any attention.


"Esme, pass her to me. He needs to know." I heard her say. Huh? Now i was beyond confused.


I watched as she was passed a small toddler with jet black hair that came down to her waist. I didn't click on until she held her hand and walked over to me. She took a deep breath.


"Jacob. This is my--my daughter, Sabrina"


I gasped in shock. "Bu-but, she can't b- Why didn't you tell me?" I said, my voice barely audible.


"Jake, i was just trying to live my life like any 16 year old girl"


"So, what? You thought you would just pretend that this-this kid didn't exist?!" I sounded angry, i wasn't, not really. I was just hurt she had kept this from me.


"I'm not a kid" I heard a small voice say, such a beautiful voice, it seemed to tinkle. "I may have the appearance of a child but i'm actually very progressed for my age, daddy." I stared down at the little girl open mouthed, confused, then i looked back up at Jess, searching for answers.


"I can explain" She said calmly "Brina, can you go and play with Uncle Edward for a second?"


"Sure, I love you mommy" I watched as she skipped over into his arms, Jess’ eyes lingering on her before she turned back to me.


"Upstairs" She said, grabbing my hand, almost pulling my arm out of the socket as we raced up the stairs.


When we got to her room i sat down on the leather sofa and looked at her questioningly. She sighed and sat beside me.


"Jake, a few weeks before i was turned i-i was raped." She blurted out. "Little did i know, he was a vampire, i was getting so big so fast but i was afraid to tell my family or a doctor so i ran away. Somewhere that no one would ever find me. I had collapsed in the woods when Edward found me. I owe everything to him. If it wasn't for him i-i would be dead and heaven knows what would have happened to Sabrina"


I stared at her in disbelief. I thought i had known everything about her, but there was still so many questions left unanswered. I asked the question i had been dying to know since the second i had heard it.


"Why does she call me daddy?" I asked softly, confusion showing in my voice.


She let out another sigh and looked into my eyes.


"I-i, Oh Jake" She broke down, i was sure if vampires could cry she would be "It's all my fault. I didn't want her to grow up without a father, i didn't want her to think he hadn't wanted her, i was trying to hide the truth. She's much too clever for me to lie to her, it's not as if she has the brain of a child."


"So...what does this have to do with me?"


"Jacob, i...i was always around you, you were always here, i talked about you. I guess i even wanted to convince myself aswell as her that you were her father."


"I don't get it, wha-what are you saying?"


"I'm saying i told her you were her father Jake! I'm sorry!"


"But...why?" I was beyond confused now, she had told her daughter i was her father?


"I've just been through this, i wanted her to have a father, i-i know what it's like. My father was an alcoholic. Never cared for me or the rest of the family. I'm sorry for dragging you into this Jacob, you can leave if you like, i'll stay out of your life-"


"No" I cut in. "No Jess, i'm not leaving you, you or Sabrina. I'm here until the end, i'll be a father to her if that's what you want. Anything."


I put my arms around her and pulled her close to me. Her skin was like ice underneath me but i couldn't have cared less.




Over the next few weeks i visited the Cullen house on a daily basis. I even sold some of my motorbikes so i could afford to buy Sabrina toys and nice things. The truth was, i loved the fact that she called me daddy and saw me as her father, i was honoured Jess had chosen me. Obviously the rest of my pack didn't feel the same.


Honestly Jake, when are you going to realise that this is nothing more than a schoolboy crush. Leah had thought to me when we were on patrol one night.


This is not a schoolboy crush! I love Jess and Sabrina more than my own life, i would die for them.


Don't say things you don't mean Jacob, you might regret it.


What the hell is that supposed to mean? Look. It's not exactly any of your business as to who i see, now is it Leah?


Jacob, me and Seth are a part of your pack! What are you going to do? Abandon us for some bloodsucker and her demon child!


Don't you dare talk about my girlfriend or my daughter that way. Ever.


Ohh, is that a command Mr high and mighty alpha? She mocked. I was really starting to lose my patience with her.


Leah, ju-just. I'm going home, i'll send Seth out.


And with that i phased back, put on my clothes and walked to the Cullens house. I couldn’t stand to listen to her anymore.


As soon as I walked through the door I knew something was up. Everyone looked stressed and the pixie one – Alice was pacing up and down, running her fingers through her hair. I glanced around and saw Jess sitting on the floor with Sabrina on her lap, staring vaguely into space.


“Jess, what’s wrong? Are you okay?†I asked crouching down beside her.


“Jake†She whispered. “We have to leaveâ€


“What? What are you saying? I don’t get it. Why?â€


“Jacob†She said, now standing up “he’s comingâ€


“Who?†I asked, I was starting to worry even more now.


“The reason….†She paused “The reason I am what I am now†She looked nervously over at Sabrina who was sitting silently on the sofa. “See, he gets a kick out of pleasuring himself then leaving his victims to die…â€


I cringed at this, not wanting to think about it.


She continued “When he found out I had survived I was his number one target. He just hates knowing that someone got away. He’s on his way here. I’m afraid he’ll hurt Sabrinaâ€


I looked over at the little girl and in two long strides, picked her up and held her close to me.


“Hey princess†I whispered in her ear. She snuggled into my shoulder and I looked at Jess. She had a look of utter sadness in her eyes.


“Come on. We’ll leave now†I said quietly. “We have to get you and Brina away from hereâ€


“No†She said firmly. “I can’t leave my family behind. It wouldn’t be right. I can’t put them in danger to protect myselfâ€


The blonde – Rosalie came behind her and put her hand on her shoulder.


“Jess, go.†She said.


“I-I can’t. I don’t want toâ€


“But what about Sabrina?†I said, starting to get a little frustrated now. How much time did we have?


Just then there was a sharp knock on the door. Edward looked at me.


“Even less time than we thought apparently†He answered my thoughts and went towards the door.




There was a huge banging sound out in the hallway. I put Sabrina down and told Jess not to move. As I walked to the doorway I saw Edward slumped against the wall. My heart jumped into my throat a little as I saw a hooded figure approaching the spot where I was standing. I felt a strong urge to protect Jess and Sabrina but I didn’t know what to do. If I phased I would have no control. Would that really help? Instead I turned around and shouted for the Cullens to run.


It was too late.


The order in which things happened next was all a blur yet somehow I remember everything as clear as day.


Sabrina had thrown herself into my arms, Jess following close behind.


She had kissed me, a kiss of which I could almost taste her fear. I held onto her, her and Sabrina before Jess was ripped from my arms. More of them had arrived to help him.


SNAP. I felt hot tears run down my cheeks as a fire was started up and she was thrown into it along with her family. I knew there was nothing I could do for them now. I remembered all she had wanted, to keep Sabrina safe so I ran with her, far away from the Cullens house out into the forest.


When we finally stopped I felt Sabrina’s fragile body shaking against mine. I was all she had left and as we sat there in the silence that was almost deafening I knew I would do anything to protect her.

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Ah, I love it SO muchos! :chair: :chair:


Thank you


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haha random how I came across this...n my name's sabrina:P

loved it!

sad tho:(

Edited by •°¤*ѕαв*¤°•

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I LOVE THIS STORY!!!! your writting style is lovely too. ending was sad but any chance you could write more? AWESOMENESSESS lol


Awhhhhh, thankyou :)

I'm not sure about wriitng anymore of this one but i have other stories on my LJ


& i have my competition entry on here somewhere :)

It's called Love Hurts :)

Glad you liked this ;)

Thanks for commenting :)


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