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I'm not letting Edward bow out tonight, I knew if we didn’t show up there he would stay with her. Tonight we are making this about Edward.

'I wanna freak Bella out, where can we say we're taking him?' I found it funny but Jasper just gave me that look not saying a word 'where's the fun in bachelor parties these days huh?!' this one is just too easy I had to make her lose it. 'Hmm........strip clubs.........Vegas........Europe?! Which will make her sweat more?!'

Jasper stopped in his tracks ‘Remember Emmett the bet doesn’t start until she is turned so I don’t know why you’re so set out to make her lose her temper’

‘This is just for fun.’ I did get a kick out if it, plus it wouldn’t be long until she was one of us, I know she will lose her temper but it won’t be the same as right now, the night before her wedding.


We reached the house in almost no time, I climbed up to the window and started scraping my nails slowly down the glass, that would get Bella’s attention. ‘If you don’t send Edward out we’re coming in after him’ I made it sound fiercer than it needed to be but that all adds to it.

I leaped down with a thud ‘dammit’ where did that squirrel come from?!

‘You better not make him late’ Bella called out.

Then Jasper was at the window ‘Don’t worry Bella, we’ll get him home in plenty of time’ Bella instantly relaxed, Jasper always was good at undoing my work.

‘Jasper what do vampires do for bachelor parties? You’re not taking him to a strip club are you?’

‘Don’t tell her anything’ it was more fun winding her up then her actually knowing what we had planned, even Edward was amused at this and let out a brief laugh.

‘Relax, we Cullen’s have our own version. Just a few mountain lions, a couple of grizzly bears, pretty much an ordinary night out.’ And as Jasper said those words it was all gone she wasn’t going to lose it tonight, but I was still going to win the bet.



Jessica Lornie 24

I wanted to do something fun with some laughs as thats how I see Emmett! hope you guys liked it I had alot of fun writing it!

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I couldn't stop laughing at "dammit where did that squirrell come from?!"


and I like how Emmett feels Europe is just as dodgy as Las Vegas and strip clubs haha!! I can imagine this is what actually happened, like the good cop bad cop relationship Jasper and Emmett have going on... good story! :D

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haha yeah I know Emmett would have known where the squirrell came from but thought it just added a little something too it!


I was trying to think of places that would freak Bella out and I thought Europe why not!

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