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I wasn’t sure if I was prepared for this. There wasn’t a handbook to tell me what to do, but I remembered clearly 'the talk' Charlie had with Bella. I had heard every embarrassing word and cringed at the memory.


How had this happened? She was still my baby girl. She had grown up too fast. She stood in front of me in the lobby, my beautiful teenage daughter Renesmee, stunning in a midnight blue dress with her long brown ringlets resting gently on her shoulders, just like her mother on her prom night. After being bombarded all that evening, I knew what thoughts adolescent boys had about teenage girls, not that either of them were really teenagers.


I took an unnecessary inward breath.

“The answer is still and always has been no.†I stated, trying to stay calm.

“But I love him, we are meant to be together!†Renesmee shouted, clearly upset.

“No you’re not!†I was fighting a battle I knew I would ultimately lose, but the battle itself was necessary all the same.

“But it’s just…†Renesmee hesitated “.. just prom Dad, I’m not marrying him.â€

Thank God, I chuckled at her attempt at negotiation.

“Trust me, who you go to prom with could change your life.†I smiled as I thought of myself and Bella, but I had to get my point across to Renesmee.

“No,†I growled at her, “I forbid you to go on a date with…that dog.†I hated using that term, he was a good friend now, but I needed my daughter to listen to me.

“Ok, fine!†She screamed at me, tears now in her eyes, “Who would you rather I go with?â€

“You know,†I almost whispered, getting irritated now. Any human boy would be better for her than a werewolf.


Just at that moment I heard the familiar sound of a Volkswagen Rabbit coming up the driveway.

“He’s here, too late now, I’m going with him and you can’t stop me.†Her mouth broke out into a big sarcastic grin, a smile of victory.

“Two things,†I needed to say something else before he got to the door. “Be careful-â€

“Yes Dad.†Renesmee rolled her eyes.

“Call me immediately if anything bad happens and I’ll come and get you.†And I’ll kill that filthy mongrel if he hurts my daughter, friend or not, I promised himself. I cleared my throat.

“And..umm, I’ve put a can of pepper spray in your bag.â€

Bella’s loud hysterical laugh drifted through from the lounge, “Edward, just let her go!â€

I was outnumbered and I knew it.

The door opened and there stood a dashing young man in a tuxedo, patiently waiting for his prom date. Renesmee looked at him with love in her eyes. I felt my heart break. It was the look Bella gave me. I sighed in defeat.

“Evening Seth.†Well, I had to admit, it could be worse.


Who knew two werewolves could imprint on the same girl?




Katie Harris

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thanks to every one who has read this. its my first ever fanfic. hope you liked it. glad you liked the twist..


btw, the pepper spray comment. i laughed out loud when i thought of that . :headscratch:



a slightly extended version of this oneshot is at my fanfiction.net page. see my signature below

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