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Author’s note: please, be merciful, English is not my mother tongue. If possible, try to be a bit… tolerant as it deals with Jacob’s pain :P

Set at the end of Eclipse.


Earth. Moist, rich, fragrant. Safe shelter to every hesitant step. Silent counterpoint to the vital chattering of the forest. A linear universe, ruled by elemental forces. Sensations. Instincts. Needs. Alien to the twisted complexity of human drives.

Jacob plunged his claws into the ground inhaling the olfactory track of the rotting vegetation. Last breath of a dying earth. First of its rebirth. Death and life. So plain. So simple… A shudder rippled under his thick fur. What could be so disturbing in the contemplation of the rhythms of nature? It felt like a different nuance to a long established picture. A creeping shade… His fierce determination faltered. Human perceptions breaking through like a tidal wave.

Get a grip, Jake! Shut that crap up. SHUT IT!

Too late. A single crack in the instinctual dam and it was a flood. Bringing afloat the conscience of the man buried deep within the wolf. The mental image of a pale, waxen countenance tore a wail out of his throat. A being forged in the cold fire of non-existence. And yet alive. Alive with the dead red light of its eyes… Bella. Lost before being found. Had she already crossed the border? Maybe. Oh, Bella! Dead before fully living. Bella, his Bella, who cut herself off from the generous womb of nature. Mocking its gifts in a grotesque parody. How could he let it happen? How could she let it happen?

No. This was not a case of wounded pride. Of red hot jealousy. No. He could have coped. Any other scenario would have been acceptable. Any other man. But this, this was like freezing pain in an endless regret. This was against everything natural and sacred. Sacred because natural.

He shook violently his sturdy head, a lump of scorching hurt burning from inside out. Slowly he dragged himself to a big fern tree and lay down under its fractal leafed roof, resting his humid muzzle on the paws. His body language steadily conveying a silent message: defeat.


He jerked awake. His senses registering a new smell. Familiar and yet exotic. A noise. Soft, rhythmic. Like the breathing melody of child’s slumber. He looked up and his eyes met a pair of brown ones. Warm. Smiling. He kept on staring. Hypnotized by the sweet madness of that sensory trick. ‘Cause that was a figment of his desperate imagination, wasn’t it? A delusional daydream. He suddenly realized he was not in his wolf form anymore. So fragile as his human self. So… naked. He blushed but his embarrassment melted away in the blinding light of that gorgeous smile. A small hand shot in his direction. Eager, expectant. Instinct acknowledged the call of the blood. Whispered him to trust and follow. He grabbed the proffered hand and let it lead. His eyes basking in the glory of the walking wonder at his side…

“Hurry dad,†the black haired boy said “keep going. We don’t have much time before darkness. Before twilight descends...â€


Paola Luparelli

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