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Will You Hunt Tonight?


Intricate snowflakes coated the cobblestones, as the cold drove the prey into their homes. But she was not deterred. She picked her way daintily towards me; her skirts lifted a little to keep them dry. I backed into the darkness of the alley, and she followed.

She was young and delicate. Auburn curls cascaded gently down her back, as she turned the corner and smiled.

“James, please. Don’t tease me so!â€

The wind shifted, carrying her scent to me. I breathed in deeply, and closed my eyes to enjoy the sweet, intoxicating scent of her blood.

“I shouldn’t be here,†she giggled, and turned away from me. Her voluminous skirts rustled softly as they kissed the snowy ground. “Good, respectable girls don’t meet strange men alone.†She looked back over her shoulder at me, smiling coyly.

“Are you a good, respectable girl then?†I asked, slipping my hands around her waist and bringing her back into my arms.

“I could be. If it weren’t for you.†She whispered.

I laughed loudly, breaking the moment as she pulled away again. When I my eyes met hers again, I saw the familiar spark of violence alight there.

“Will you hunt tonight, James?†Her body was tensed in excitement.

“Perhaps.†I teased. “Perhaps I shall take what I need from you, instead.â€

Her eyes brightened in anticipation. “Yes . . . turn me, James!â€

I hesitated. I had been considering it for a long time now . . . but she wasn’t ready. I wasn’t ready, for the sort of commitment that came with a newborn.

“Soon, my love. But not tonight. Tonight, you can help me hunt.â€


I could smell his fear. Some innate part of him understood that I was dangerous, but his own presumptive arrogance prevented him from acknowledging it. He tipped his hat at us, as we walked past him arm in arm.

“Excuse me, sir.†She purred. “Might we trouble you for the time?â€

The gentlemen frowned and took his watch from his top pocket. “Far too late for a young lady to be out.†He muttered, so quietly that it was barely discernable even to my heightened hearing.

“Almost 8,†he said loudly.

“Thank you.†I grinned wickedly, and reached out to grip the top of his arm.

“Unhand me, sir!†he cried, then winced in pain as I tightened my grip until I felt his bone shatter.

“Ah!†he tried to scream, but I stifled it with my other hand and dragged him into the alley.

“Will you bite him?†her eyes danced in anticipation of the violence that was to occur.

“Of course, my sweet. Maybe I’ll let you bite him too.â€

“Oh, please! Please, James!â€

I threw the gentleman to the ground, and he tried to scuttle away.

“Who are you?†he cried through his pain.

“My name is James. I’m your worst nightmare. And this is my mate. My Victoria.â€



Liv (16)

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