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DVDs of Showmaster Event to Help Fans Remember What Their Time the


DVD Of Events from showmaster  

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Everytime I look at this thread now from the Gen Chat index page it says that last post came from Mike very recently - right now it says "Yesterday, 10:47 PM" when in actual fact he posted it yesterday at 01.38pm. Why does it change? Its not the only thread I've noticed either.


It's the same for all the polls. When somebody votes, the topic gets bumped and the last reply (Mike's in this case) will still show as last reply, but with the time the vote was cast.

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4 years on I'm still holding my breath for the first LFACC stuff that a few of us forum members went to behind the scenes, would be nice to have those memories.

Look! There's a unicorn next to that pile of LFCC DVDs!!!

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