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how much did this little weekend cost?

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Travel Card: £5.90

Entry: £5.00

David Anders: £15

Claudia Black: £20

Claudia Black Photoshoot: £20

Patrick Stewart: £25

Patrick Stewart Talk: £20

Christopher Lloyd: £25

Christopher Lloyd Photoshoot: £20

Ripoff Drinks: £3.60

McDonalds: about £6


About £165 for one day... Ughhh

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Travel - £20 (With an 8am start! How rude for a Sunday)

Autographs - £110 (Stewart, Black x2, Landis, Henn & White - is he really THAT tall? Made me look tiny and I'm 6' 6")

Admission & Patrick Stewart talk - £25 (Worth it for the piece of rug..... :rolleyes: )

Merchandise - £20

Pit stop in the pub next door - £10 (£6-50 for a burger and chips!!!!!! Can tell it's London!)

Total then only £185 (LOL, only he says.........Yes Mr First Direct manager I will be paid this week!! :rolleyes: )


All in all for my first LFCC I was pleasantly surprised and pleased with the whole day. Was concerned about not getting the signatures but that wasnt a hassle and there was plenty of room in the hall not to be jostled and bumped around.


Good day.

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entry 10

patrick stewart talk 20

patrick stewart autograph 25

charlie weber autograph 15

stalls ( two buffy figures) 30

dr who entry 8

plus i took a tour of the cemtry catacombs that was opposite earls courrt 5

spike comic 3

116 wow that was a lot more than i thought eek

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I'm trying not to think about it 'cos my car tax is due this month...



About £150 on autos?

Entry tickets for two?

Plus food and tube ticket?

Couple of books?


Total of about £200 give or take

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I spent £120 in total, which is small fry compared to some, but a lot for me! Even though I only met four guests the whole weekend, I got in first thing and was last to leave on both days and my time was well-occupied! That's value. :WAVE: First show ever where I haven't left the building all day! That's how good it was. (A lot of Saturday afternoon was spent watching the awesomeness of Udo Kier though, haha)

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About £150 - I came up from Devon, stayed overnight (my boyfriend paid that bit so I've not included that):


David Anders - £15

Patrick Stewart - £25

Admission - £10

Syvester McCoy - £15 (for my boyfriend)

Sales Stand - £3

Food - £30 (bought both of ours!)

£50 misc


Good weekend though!

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Ever since the con when I worked out I'd hit £800, I have decided to never work out how much I spent again! But this was a cheapie for me (as going on 3 week hols on Saturday) so (and I have never been able to say this before) probably under £100. Would have been more if Brian Blessed had been there though...

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