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I would like to see


Bruce Payne (star over 20 horror films and so much more)

Karl Pruner (Canadian actor maybe harder to get star Total Recall 2070)

Patrick Stewart (on Saturday so I can actually come as I work sundays)

Michael Praed (Star of Robin Hood, and still looking great when I last saw him on stage dont forget us ladies)

David Tennent (you know that chap from Dr Who I would even bring my son if he was there, and so would lots of other mums)

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For Collectormania this September my fiancee and I would like......




Wayne Allwine - Mickey Mouse

Tony Anselmo - Donald Duck

Bill Farmer - Goofy

Russi Taylor - Minnie

Corey Burton

April Winchell


Tress MacNeille

Jim Cummings




Bill Nighy - Davy Jones

Geoffrey Rush - Barbossa



ONE TREE HILL GUESTS (we know they are happy to attend)


Paul Johansson

Danneel Harris

Craig Sheffer

Bethany Joy Galeotti

Lee Noris

Barry Corbin





FRIDAY THE 13th GUESTS (we need more JASONS!)


Any/All of them..........and we'll be very happy/skint!

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I would like to meet the following guests.


Brandon Routh - Superman Returns

Tanya Roberts - Beastmaster

Tom Welling - Smallville

Madchen Amick - Twin Peaks

Amy Allen - Star wars

Erica Durance - Smallville


I pretty sure some of these have already appeared, but for them to come again would be great as just incase some of use could not go to meet them last time!


Bring them on!!!!

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Dominic Monaghan!!!! (LOTR, lost)


Dcik Van Dyke (mary poppins, diagnosis murder)


Barry Van Dyke!!! (Diagnosis murder, murder 101)


Sean bean! (sharpe, LOTR)


Adam West! (batman)


Charlie schlatter! (Ferris buller tv series, diagnosis murder)


Rupert Grint! (harry potter)


Josh Holloway! (lost)


Terry O Quinn! (lost)



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Lance Henriksen - please! - missed him at Manchester

Alexandra Bastedo - missed her at Autograpica

Gillian Anderson

David Duchovny

Mitch Pileggi - don't think I missed them anywhere, but would love to meet them

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SIGOURNEY WEAVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :angel:



Alyson hannigan

Seth Green

Sarah Michelle gellar(never gonna happen) lol

David Borenanez

Amy Acker

Alexis Denisof

Juliet landau

Daniel Dae kim

Sarah thompson

Joss Whedon

Jonathan Woodard

Emma Caulfiled

alexa Dovalos




Seth Mcfarlen

Rachel Mcfarlen

Wendy Schall

Scott grimes

Mila kunis

Alex Borstein



Billy West

John Diamagio

Katy Seagal

Maurice laMarsh

Lauren Tom



Tom Welling

Kristin Kreuk

Alison Mack

Annette O'toole

Erica Durance

Aaron Ashmoore



Hugh Jackman

Halle Berry

Famke janssen

Shaun Ashmoore

Anna Paquin

Ian Mckellen

Ellen page

Aaron stanford

Alan Cumming

Kelly Hu

Rebecca Romjin

Daniel Cudmoore

Ben Foster

james Marsden




Viggo mortensen

Sean Bean

Hugo Weaving

Liv tyler

Karl Urban

Peter jackson

Fran Walsh

Phillipe boyens

Alan Lee

John Howe

John noble

Howard Shore

Orlando Bloom




Daniel radcliffe

Emma Watson

Rupert grint

Michael Gambon

Gary Oldman

Tom Felton

Matthew Lewis

imelda Stauton

Maggie Smith

Robbie Coltrane

Alan Rickman

Julie Walters

Bonnie Wright

Ivanna Lynch

Robert Patterson

Sean biggerstaff

Katie Leung





Noako Mori

Cynthia Rothrock

Gillian Anderson

David Duchovny

Jonathan Atylor Thomas

Nikki Blonsky

Zack Efron

Amanda Bynes



Roxann Dawson

Tim Russ

Kate mulgrew

Scott bakula

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I'm all for more Smallville guests (especially Erica Durance :angel: )


Also with a new X-files film imminent some of that cast wouldn't go amiss


BUT what about a legend in film making? Ray Harryhausen anyone?

Get him to bring some of his work with him as well......

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What guests would you like to see at Collectormania 14? ;)


I'd really like to see some guests from Sanctuary For All :


Amanda Tapping, Robin Dunne and Emile Ullerup


Any Stargate SG-1 or Stargate Atlantis cast would be really cool as well ....


i 100% agree with the above post :D

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Any of these would be fine


John Shea - Lux Luthor the new adventure's of superman


Scott bakula - quantum leap, star trek enterprise


Richard Wilson - one foot in the grave


Herb Jefferson Jr- Battlestar galatica


James Avery eg phillip banks- fresh prince of bel air


Alfonso Ribeiro eg carlton banks- fresh prince of bel air


Ned Romero- chidlren of the corn final sacrifice and chakotay's grandpa


Dominic Keating- star trek enterprise


Conner Trinneer- star trek enterprise


Linda Park-star trek enterprise


Denise Crosby- star trek tng


Levar Burton- star trek tng (missed due to being on hol :thumbup:


Gates Mcfadden-star trek tng


Wil Wheaton- star trek tng


Johnathan Frakes-star trek tng


Kate Mulgrew-star trek voy


Tim Russ- star trek voy


Garrett wang- star trek voy


Roxanne dawson-star trek voy


Jennifer Lein-star trek voy


Jeri Ryan-star trek voy


David Boreanaz- Angel, buffy the vampire slayer


J.August Richards- Angel


Danny Glover- Leathal weapon


Henry Darrow- star trek voy, maverick etc


Avery brooks- star trek ds9 -missed him


Billy West- Futurama



(any of these would do fine :thumbup:)



Great list!

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Ed o neil (married with children)


Rowan atkinson (blackadder)


Henry winkler (fonzie happy days, hes doing a panto in mk in dec shouldnt be hard to get him)


The 'hoff' david hasselhoff (knightrider)


Cary elwes (saw, princess bride)


Ian mcdarmaid (emperor palpatine star wars)


Dan ackroyd (ghostbusters)


Olga kureylenko (hitman, quantum of solace)


George lucas (do you live in a cave?!) :thumbup:

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