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Official CSI Magazine!

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so Titan have FINALLY released a CSI magazine like the ST/SW/SG/24/Grey's Anatomy/Lost etc etc etc yadda ones :P


rrp £3.75, though WHSmiths did try to charge me £3.90 cuh!!


so has anyone else bought and if so what do you think?:D



(image "borrowed" without permission from www.titanmagazines.co.uk)


for info on the mag, go here to the official Titan mag link CSI: The Official Magazine


(I'm sure with all the free advertising they won't mind, as much, that I "borrowed" their image :D :D)



surfy sah xx

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ooh ooh me me! *jumps up and down*


(hey by the way! Not been on here in ages, but i posted a bit the end of last year :D)

i LOVE the magazine! I'll subscribe to it if/when they stop stocking it in whsmiths.

I love the interviews and eric szmanda is in the 100 page bumper issue the one after next! *bounces*



can you tell i love it? :P

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