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Gemma and Kelly (Pooks) deserve a medal

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I have to give a big shout out to Gemma and Kelly(Pooks) who were on the front line this afternoon as the pit crew for Danny Dyer / Tamer Hassan.


You girls handled what could have been a riot in the most professional manner I have ever witnessed under pressure. You set the bar for queue management and customer care and I hope Jason knows about it. Calm when uninitiated shoppers tried to bend the rules, making sure that no one jumped the queue and still smiling even though you must have lost count of the times you were asked when Danny was due to arrive.


Jason, if you read this, you have two winners in your employ, I'd give them their choice of Guest at Collectormania 13, they deserve it.


Girls, I would just like to say thank you so much, you helped make my Danny Dyer experience even more memorable.


Happy Halloween!! :WINCE:

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this is reallt sweet - *blush* Thanks. But I think the whole crew down that section including those drafted in later should be thanked and mentioned - cos they all did a grand job to get so many people through so they at least went away with good memories!


k:) ^_^

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  • Showmasters Admin

yes thay did do a great job and thanks for pointing it out to me


i do get to hear most of what gos on with the crew from the pit bossis and i did get good feed back about this


so thanks Gemma and Pooks good job


but i thnks all the crew deserve a medal as i the showmasters crew is the best show crew in the world capable of running anything you throw at them YOU ARE ALL THE BEST








jason and all at showmasters :P

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Hear hear!!


You certainly were a happy smiley bunch at Collectormania 12 ... professional to the last. You had one heck of a job that weekend and my hat is off to you all!


Ah go on ... take a bow! You did good and we salute you!


:D:wub: :wub: :clap: :clap: :clap:

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