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von Dawson's Express

Of Autographica 10

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Just got back home (York, Yorkshire 14 October) what an excellent event! Well done team, I only went for the astronauts although I have met Buzz before - he finally signed my 'Who's Who in Space', plus Geno and Scott (met Al Bean before) got 17 space voyagers now, still along way to go, but its my book! :D

Fantastic meeting Jimmy James and Jonny Johnson, them two are real heros and it was moving...

Meeting Penny, Sally and Bernard was great too, what nice people, :P

But Jenny, oh my, I am in love she's gorgeous! :WINCE:

See you all in March gang, was a good laugh chatting to some of you in the queue for Geno, will have to meet again some day! :blink:

Regards, best wishes and good luck for the future,

von Dawson's Express

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