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William Mapother

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cookies41    13

I was sat with William on Saturday and because we had such a great time he asked for me back the next day too. I can quite honestly say that he's absolutely my favourite guest of those I've been lucky enough to work with over the last few years and he was certainly one of the most genuine with his fans (not that the others aren't, but you know what I mean).


He really made an effort to remember the names of those people who came to see him more than once and really enjoyed meeting everyone - especially those who knew him from his lesser known work. At the end of the weekend he said he'd love to come back to the UK for another show because everyone had made him feel so welcome... even if most of you did accuse Ethan of being evil :YAHOO:


On a more personal note, I adored him. During breaks and on quiet periods, among the other things we talked about, he was giving me relationship advice and trying to psyche me up for my first Thanksgiving (I'm meeting the Yank boyfriend's parents for the first time in November) and even offered to call me with a refresher closer to the time. He's a complete star in every possible way :YAHOO:

I remember you. I came with my mum right at the end of the day and chatted to him for bout 5 minutes and he was lovely, gave me great advice about acting as well. One of my best experiences and such a lovely guy would definitely meet him again

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Zarina    0

William is sooooo nice!


At the end of the event on Sunday, we were still kinda wandering around, tho it was all closed and we actually had to leave B) . So we went to the exit and we bumped into him :wub: All of us (group of 6) were so surprised! We had a small talk with him and could go on the picture with him, as a group. We took 2 pix, so that the person who took the pic, also was innit once, his suggestion! He is seriously so nice and down to earth!


That was a nice and welcome suprise, really! Bless him so much!

Heee, I can't believe I am reading this half a year later :angel: But OMG that was such a sweet encounter! I was one of the six and me and a friend just kinda went "O_O" when we saw him and he smiled and was super nice and as mentioned above suggested the second picture and such even though he (and us) were actually on our way to leave the hall. What a lovely guy.

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