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Hr Nielsen


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Just opdated the website with the next date for Empire Day 18

www.empireday.co.uk last event have been moved to the history

page and pictures from the event will be added withoin a few days.

if anyone have pictures from the talks, please send them to us

at info@showmastersonline.com


No guests have been added yet ...

but maybe we could start putting our head together on whom we

like to see at the next event.


Hr Nielsen

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After a great ED17 last Sunday here is my wish list for ED18.


Jack MacKenzie - Cal Aldar - ESB

Andy Secombe - Watto - TPM / AOTC

Gibb Sutherland - Ree Yees - TPM

Derek Lyons - Temple Guard - ANH

John Coppinger - Jabba - ANH / ESB / ROTJ

Richard Bonehill - Stormtrooper - ESB / ROTJ

Tim Dry - Whiphid - ROTJ

Sean Crawford - Yak Face - ROTJ

Noel Hawkins - Stormtrooper - ANH

Stephen Fitzalan - Stormtrooper / Mon Calamari - ROTJ

Terry Sach - Wing Pilot ROTJ

Jerry Baker - Scanning Crew - ANH

Mike Mongarven - Stormtrooper - ANH

Peter Roy - X wing Pilot - ANH

Silas carson - Ki Adi Mundi / Nute Gunray - TPM

Lewis Macleod - Sebulba - TPM

Julian Glover - General Veers - ESB

Michael Culver - Captain Needa - ESB

Dermot Crowley - General Crix Madine - ROTJ

Ailsa Berk - Amanaman - ANH

Toby Longworth - Lott Dodd / Gragra - TPM

Caroline Blakiston - Mon Mothma - ROTJ



A few name to start off.


Thanks SM

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Wernt some of the above at ED16? A few names that havnt been used yet that are on Convention Guests site are Steven Calcutt, Zac Kohen, Chantelle Barbieri, Mike Randall, Leroy James and Kes Green

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