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Good luck and congratulations


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Jules (aka Narago from the forum) is finally getting married to her partner, Jay, on the 22nd July! :D


I know that you'll probably be rushing around like a headless chicken at the moment hun, but I wanted to send my love and best wishes to the both of you for the big day this weekend! :lol:


You deserve all the happiness in the world, and I hope the day runs smoothly for you!


I'll be sending you something in the mail...


Big love,


Your fellow "Superbitch" (lol), Lee xxxxxx


(Now, over to the rest of ya: Send your love betches! :D)

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Congratulations Jules!!


I've picked up on how stressed out you are at the moment, and can only imagine how it must feel haha.


Anyway, I hope that everything is perfect for you. You'll have to share the pictures, can't wait to see! :D


All my love [and good luck!],


Emily xxx

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:YAHOO: awww guys, thanx


i am alot calmer than i was at the beginning of the week, which is really weird i guess as the wedding is nearer now!! :D


just been to the boys leavers assembley and balled like a baby, gonna have to put some cucumber on my eyes now or i will be all puffy :D


thanx for all the well wishes, i will show you piccies when i have them :poki:

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Congratulations Jules!!!!!


I'm a bit late so you'll be Mrs Jay by now and got all the scary vows stuff over and done with.


Very best wishes for you and Jay and I hope you'll both be blissfully happy together.


Lotsa love


Jez x

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hi guys

thank you all for your comments :(

i am now a married woman, hope that doesnt mean i have to behave now lol

it was a lovely day and i wish i had done it years ago instead of waiting 13, oh well got there in the end :YAHOO:

will try and put a photo up at some point if anyone is interested!!

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