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The One Ring

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DISCLAIMER – This story is based on characters and situations owned by the original author and publishers. No copyright infringement is intended or to be inferred.


Title - The One Ring

Words - 167


Where can you hide where I cannot see?

Where can you run where I cannot follow?

Where do you go when you’re being followed?


Why do you think you can control me?

Why do you think you can use my powers for good?

Why did I betray my former bearers?


Who can you turn to where there’s no one you can trust?

Who can you talk to, to whom I do not know?

Who can you listen to when I know all the answers?


When can you break free from my curse?

When can you go home without this burden?

When will you be safe?


What can you do to destroy me?

What can be done to change the past?

What can you do to live a normal life?


Where is my master awaiting for my return?

Why were we separated?

Who will unite me and my master?

When will we be reunited?

What will the people of middle-earth do when I am back on master’s finger?

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