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Isildur's Battle

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Disclaimer - This story is based on characters and situations owned by the original author and publishers. No copyright infringement is intended or to be infered.


Title: Isildur's Battle

Word Count: 241


It has been years since the Last Alliance. Isildur still carries the ring. Isildur starts to become obsessed by the one ring in ways that even he could not imagine.


Isildur puts on the ring to talk face to face with the almighty Sauron.


“Isildur you will gather an army and take over the lands. Together you and I will rule Middle-Earthâ€


“My Lord when you killed my father in the Last Alliance I have taken control of Gondor it is my birth right why would I want anything moreâ€


“Gondor is only one segment within Middle-Earth together we can take over. We can have an army of orcs and men fighting side by side. Destroying elves, dwarfs, halfings and men who defy your ordersâ€


“I took you out of this world why do you think that I would help youâ€


“Because Isildur deep down you have a craving for carnage and power. I can give it all to you.â€


Isildur foolishly accepts Sauron’s proposal without thinking about what Sauron wants in return.


As Isildur is travelling through the forests he is ambushed and murdered.


“My lord why did you betray me?â€


“Because you foolish mortal your mind was too powerful. I needed someone that was naturally evil and will do things without questioning my authority. Besides like you said you took me out of this world and now I have exchanged you the same courtesy. I will rule Middle-Earth aloneâ€

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