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The Predator and its Prey

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Disclaimer - This story is based on characters and situations owned by the original author and publishers. No copyright infringement is intended or to be infered.


Title: The Predator and its Prey

Certificate: U

Words: 349


It was a dark and gloomy morning in Rohan. Aragorn is readying his horse for departure for the great battle. He is strong but feels powerless. All of the men look up to him and he gives them courage but something stands still in his mind. He walks out of the stables and raises his head to the heavens. “How do I give the men courage if I have none myself†thought Aragorn. This thought never left his mind until he saw a small sparrow like bird soaring through the sky. His eyes were fixed on this bird, how it majestically flew through the morning sky with no challenges to face and no burdens to carry.


This bird landed in front of Aragorn. It was grazing the soil for food. The food than it longed for has been extinct for many years. Aragorn then proceeded back to the barn to be warmly greeted by Gimli holding two pints of beer. “So how many orcs are you hoping to kill. I can’t wait to introduce my axe to every single one of them†chuckled Gimli taking a large sip of beer. “The only thing I am hoping for is to finally bring peace to Middle-Earth†Aragorn sighed and stepped out of the barn once more. He was astonished to find the bird was still searching for what has been lost for so long but then the bird rips a 2 inch long golden bellied beetle from the ground. Aragorn gasps “The golden bellied beetle has been extinct for over twenty yearsâ€.


Gimli walks out of the barn to join Aragorn. “You see Aragorn. That bird believed that the beetle was still alive and he would find it and taste it once more. The bird did not give up hope. You see if we all have hope and believe in each other we can achieve the impossibleâ€. Aragorn smiled at Gimli for the first time they arrived at Rohan “Your right my friend. We need to ready the men and ride out to battle. This battle is ours to be wonâ€

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