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Through the eyes of a Warrior - Re-Draft

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Disclaimer - This story is based on characters and situations owned by the original author and publishers. No copyright infringement is intended or to be infered.


Title: Through the eyes of a Warrior

Certificate: PG

Words: 415


We have been riding for what seems like days and then I heard a sound which was different than hundreds of horse shoes treading on the dead land. The enemy was in my site. All of our men sat up proudly to show them that we will win this battle.


As we approach our foes my mouth drops in terror we are outnumbered by thousands. My mind wants to turn back but my heart believes in honour and I shall not abandon the men. I come sharply to a halt the enemy has seen our approach. That noise our king has declared that he will fight to the death. If the king will fight until that time then so shall I. We all break free from our stationery position. Charging with everything we have. I want to fight because it seems the only chance of survival is to fight.


Finally our horses clash with the enemy. Swords and arrows are flying in all different directions. I see my friends whom I was talking to this very morning lying their dead on the ground. I take a look over my shoulder to see that our leader, our king is still fighting and he still has hope.


Suddenly all I could hear was a deafening scream of terror. Followed by silence. I now see that our king has been taken into the heavens by the witchking. I must fight for honour, I must live through this hour.


There are loud high pitched screams coming from Minas Tirith. The enemy has broken into the barricade and are slaying innocent men, women and children. The most hurtful thing of all is it sounds like the enemy are enjoying it.


I ride to the entrance to Minas Tirith slaying orcs as I go. I needed to help these people. I burst in arrows come my way luckily my steed has managed to triumph his way to a large balcony and then stops. Four arrows are embedded in his back. The battle is over for him but I must go on. I must fight.


Somebody is calling my name but who? One of my fellow riders I can't quite make out what he is saying. I finally heard what he was shouting 'look out for the archer on the second pillar' by this time it is too late. I fall into darkness. I have failed my king. As long as the ring remains with the two hobbits there is still hope...

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