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Who else from Lost do you want to meet ?

Will it be :  

94 members have voted

  1. 1. Will it be :

    • Locke - Terry O'Quinn
    • Sawyer - Josh Holloway
    • Sayid - Naveen Andrews
    • Clare - Emile DeRavin
    • Charlie - Dominic Monaghan
    • Jack - Matthew Fox
    • Malcolm David Kelley - Walt
    • Jin - Daniel Dae Kim
    • Sun - Yoon-Jin Kim
    • Michael - Harrold Perrineau
    • Kate - Evangeline Lilly

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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bear in mind that a lot of people will only have seen what has been broadcast here on E4 or Channel Four. DON'T go spoiling it for them by mentioning anyone (or anyTHING) that you know about the rest of series one or anything in series two !


I've also left off the Lost guests that are already coming to the various SM shows. Apart from that, vote NOW !

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i voted for evangeline as she has recentley been announced at a u.s con. true she is charging $60 but you get a professional photo done aswell. i would love to see sms bring her to the u.k now she is open to doing signings.

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Very hard choice as I'd like to meet most of them !


I choosed Evangeline because she really seems to be nice with her fans. But Terry would also be an amazing choice. Not only is he Locke, he was also Peter Watts in Millennium and he also played in Alias.

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It would have to be Terry O'Quinn, as Locke is pretty much the most interesting character in the show. Also, he was in the "Stepfather" films & Millennium with Lance Henrickson (who would also make a good attendee).


As second choice, I would say Emile De Ravin (Claire) as her storyline is mega creepy, and as you've already had Hurley, that's my 3 fave characters covered.


Many thanks

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