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Would the real Showmasters please stand up

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As a regular visitor since C3 (thou' stupidly booking a holiday at the same time as C5 - curses) (plus LF&CC1) it just gets better and better. Thank you Showmasters. Thank you everyone in the team. Although I don't think I know you personally, my friend and I must be getting a reputation 'cause some of the stall holders, crew and even dare I say, one or two of the regular actors are becoming aquaintances, maybe even friends, so there is a possibility that we know you by sight even if we don't know your names and possibly vice versa.

We love you so much that we now book time off work for all your shows before we make plans for any other holidays. You may think what sad individuals that makes us but we thoroughly enjoy our weekends with you, even when we spend all our money, so a BIG THANKYOU to you all.

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